Kerry Parish-Campbell, Owner

Swish Salon
Leading Women

Kerry Parish-Campbell, Owner

Swish Salon

Kerry Parish-Campbell, Owner | Swish Salon | Leading Women
BY Cheryl Ricer

Kerry Parish-Campbell, the owner of Swish Salon, located at 8765 Stockard Drive, Suite 804 in Frisco, is an industry leader in that she is transforming the salon environment.

“The entire reason that Swish exists,” said Kerry, “is to bring about a work environment where like-minded individuals can come together and create beautiful hair. We are supremely focused on our culture. My commitment is to do my part in transforming the salon industry from an environment that can be known to be toxic and stressful to an environment that is empowering, healthy, and promotes well-being, not only for our guests but also for our team.

“Kerry empowers her staff by encouraging open, honest conversations in which they hold each other accountable, resulting in less miscommunication. She also encourages transparent communication with their guests to ensure that their beauty desires and needs are aligned with their beauty budget. In an industry known for burnout, the Swish goal is for stylists to enjoy a healthy work/life balance with a sustainable 32-hour workweek for full-time team members. Also, each morning, at lunch and at the day’s end, stylists huddle to exchange ideas.

“We ask, ‘What do our guests need today? What does the day look like? What worked, and what didn’t work? What did we learn? What can we improve upon? How can we help each other?'” said Kerry. “We know that if we take care of our team, we naturally take care of the patrons that come to our salon.”


8765 Stockard Drive
Suite 804
Frisco, Texas 75034