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Melissa Mallam Pampered Tresses
By Cheryl Ricer

For the past 15 years, Melissa Mallam, licensed cosmetologist, has empowered women in her community by tapping into their own unique beauty, instilling them with self-confidence, and pampering them like queens every time they visit her salon, Pampered Tresses, located at 8951 Collin McKinney Parkway, Suite 504. And now, she’s expanded her expertise and a found a new passion as a hair loss specialist — specifically, a USTI Certified Trichologist through the American Medical Certification Association.

Trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the scalp and hair, and a trichologist addresses scalp disorders and hair loss issues, bridging the gap between cosmetology and dermatology as it pertains to hair loss.

Prior to her certification, many of Melissa’s clients would ask her if their hair might be getting patchy or report that they noticed that more and more of their hair was coming out in the shower or in their hairbrushes, and while she knew how to style them to enhance their natural beauty, she felt helpless when it came to advising them about hair loss and scalp issues.

“As a hairstylist, I saw a plethora of hair loss issues,” said Melissa, “but it was frustrating for me because I wasn’t equipped to help. Since clients typically address hair and scalp issues with their hairstylists first, obtaining my certification as a trichologist was an opportunity for me to help my clients holistically. This new approach and skill set has also reignited my passion for hair and helping women look their best.”

Treatment begins with a 1.5-hour consultation, live or virtual, which includes an epigenetic hair follicle analysis that will reveal any nutritional and immune deficiencies related to hair, skin, and nails. It also reveals any environmental factors that may be hindering growth of hair, skin, and nails.

“The consultation is in-depth and thorough,” explained Melissa, “because I am trying to find the root cause and steer my clients towards a lifestyle change. As we assess the internal body, we are better able to treat the hair topically.”

Once the type of alopecia is identified, Melissa educates her clients on how she’ll treat their hair loss, building a treatment plan individual to their particular issues. The treatment plans are product based, along with some in-clinic services. Melissa stresses that clients should be aware that treating hair loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Clients must be willing to be compliant and consistent with the process to see results. Full regrowth can take a year or two, depending on how much hair has been lost, but you’ll start seeing new growth within two months.

What if she can’t help? With integrity as her cornerstone, Melissa assures that if your issue is scarring alopecia and she can’t help you with a treatment plan, she’ll recommend pigmentation to make the area less glaring.

“What I am most passionate about,” said Melissa, “is helping people regain confidence and restoring their hair — their crown — and their hope.”


8951 Collin McKinney Parkway
Suite 504
McKinney, Texas 75070

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