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There’s a special display in the office of
Dr. Matthew McCabe. Just behind his desk is a shelf of mementoes he holds
dear to his heart, each one given to him by a different patient. They include
metals, accommodations, and commemorative coins. There’s a cap from the USS
Kitty Hawk, an autographed biography written by a patient, and more. To Dr.
McCabe, each item represents a relationship, a life well lived, and a family
he’s been able to touch through caring for their loved one.

For Dr. McCabe, his private practice is as
much about forging these relationships with his patients as it is about
addressing their foot and ankle issues. At a time when many medical practices
can feel like a revolving door, Dr. McCabe and his staff believe in slowing
things down a bit, really getting to know their patients, and not just
treating their problem but educating them about it so they can be their own
best healthcare advocate.

Within his Matlock Road office, he treats
men, women, and children suffering with conditions of the foot and ankle
including bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy and
diabetic wounds, flat feet, neuromas, hammertoes, and Achilles tendonitis.
“These aren’t ‘sexy’ topics to talk about, but they are conditions that can
affect quality of life and productivity,” Dr. McCabe said. “We handle cases
as complicated as total ankle replacement and as simple as toenail fungus. With
each, our strategy is to begin with the most conservative treatment option
then progress if we need to.”

McCabeFamily 20

“Dr. McCabe
was very personable and very attentive to what I was saying. He relieved my
concern regarding my foot and fashioned a piece and suggested I wear it in my
left shoe to keep me from walking on the side of my foot. I am very

Patricia M.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage
which most often affects the legs and feet of those with diabetes. For some
people, symptoms are mild. For others, symptom—including numbness, tingling,
and/or burning in the extremities —can be painful, debilitating, and in rare
cases even fatal. “Too often I see patient going to their primary care doctor
with diabetic neuropathy and they’re either misdiagnosed or given medication
which doesn’t help their condition.”

If you think you may be suffering with
peripheral diabetic neuropathy, Dr. McCabe recommends getting a referral for
a podiatrist and requesting a thorough diabetic foot exams. “The first thing
I tell my patients is, you don’t have to live in pain,” he said. “It doesn’t
have to be this way. Let’s start over and try something different. There are
oral medications but there are also topical medications that have been highly
effective in offering my patients relief. Ther results are measurable. Let’s
take a new look at diabetic foot pain.”

Preventative Diabetic Foot

One way to do that is to begin with a
preventative diabetic foot exam to evaluate your overall health, your
diabetes, as well as identify any problems that could arise related to your
feet—ideally before they arise. “The purpose of a preventative diabetic foot
exam is to identify, manage, and potentially prevent complications related to
diabetes that could end in infection or even amputation,” Dr. McCabe said. “I
am fellowship trained in limb preservation. That preservation begins with any
patient with diabetes—either controlled or uncontrolled—getting regular
diabetic foot exams.” Most insurance companies—including Medicare and
Medicaid—cover these preventative exams.

“Dr. McCabe
was very attentive, understanding and helpful. I had an
excellent experience and I never felt rushed explaining my injury
or when asking questions. He has a great heart and personality in this line
of work.
Couldn’t be happier.”

Anne S.


“One of the best things I can do for any
patient is to slow down and really listen to them,” Dr. McCabe said. “Then, I
want to take the time to explain to them, in words they understand, all of
their treatment options—conservative and surgical—how each treatment works,
and the pros and cons of each approach. The more the patient understands
about their condition and all the treatment options available to them, the
better decisions they can make about their care. It’s my job—and my
blessing—to empower patients and to partner with them in their medical
decision-making process.”

McCabeFamily 10

“If I could
give Dr. McCabe more than 5 stars I would. He is absolutely patient and takes
time to listen to all of your concerns while addressing each question. His
staff is also the best and always so

– Veronica

Meet Dr.

Matthew McCabe is fellowship trained in limb
salvage, reconstructive surgery, and orthoplastics (a field that combines
plastics techniques and orthopedic techniques with the goal of salvaging
limbs after trauma or chronic wounds and infection). Even so, he considers
surgery a last resort only after all non-surgical options have been explored.

When not on the job. Dr. McCabe enjoys time
outdoors with his family. “I love to hunt and fish,” he said. “I joke that,
during duck season, work is what I do between duck hunts. I do want to give a
big ‘thanks’ to my wife, Brooke. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am
today. We feel blessed to be raising our family in such a loving and
supportive community.”

Whether your complaint is heel pain, foot and
ankle pain, arthritis, foot fractures, ankle fractures, bunion deformities,
Achilles tendon issues, or something else, Dr. McCabe and his team will offer
you options tailored to your individual needs.

Find out more at WaterOakFootandAnkle.com.


2270 Matlock Rd.

Suite 104

Mansfield, Texas 76063



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