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Marvin Berlin, DDS, FAGD | Jeff Lynch, DDS | Trevor Madden, DDS | Anthony Callison, DDS | Kerolos Morkos, DDS | Tosha Searls, Practice Administrator

Marvin Berlin, DDS, FAGD, Jeff Lynch, DDS, Trevor Madden, DDS,
  Anthony Callison, DDS, Kerolos Morkos, DDS, Tosha Searls, Practice

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A dental home is a place where you’re known
by name and where all your dental needs are met under one roof. For hundreds
of families in Greater McKinney — and beyond — that welcoming place is
McKinneyDentist.com. This dynamic dental team consists of five experienced
dentists, longtime practice administrator, Tosha Searls, and their seasoned
team of dental hygienists and assistants providing the latest and greatest in
dental technology and know-how. The internet overflows with enthusiastic
reviews — over 1,600 of them — from families who’ve happily made
McKinneyDentist.com their dental home. They use words like “kind, talented,
patient, friendly, incomparable, accommodating, exceptional,
compassionate”—even “da bomb.”

As the practice has grown, each of the
dentists has settled into his own niche. And though the five doctors often
consult with each other, having each chosen their own unique focus area has
allowed them to attain a breadth and depth of training and

Berlin, DDS, FAGD

Now concentrating on cosmetic dentistry,
Founding Dentist Dr. Berlin can take your smile from drab to fab with a
cosmetic smile makeover, including porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding,
professional teeth whitening, and more. Dr. Berlin can upgrade your smile or
create a whole new one. “Patients wanting a new smile can visit our website
for a virtual smile consult, upload a selfie, and send it to me. I’ll send
them back a personalized video showing how we can upgrade their smile.” Dr.
Berlin can even create a temporary smile and let you “test drive” it for a
few days. 

Jeff Lynch,

Dr. Lynch is concentrating on implants and
surgery and has even dedicated a separate wing of McKinneyDentist.com 100% to
oral surgery with spacious hospital suites and a board certified
anesthesiologist on staff. “Dr. Lynch is one of the most gifted clinicians in
the U.S.,” Dr. Berlin said. “He’s sought after as a mentor and teacher for
dentists around the country and he has a unique gift for solving even the
most difficult dental situations.”

If you’re missing teeth or wear dentures, Dr.
Lynch can give you the freedom of a full set of strong, healthy teeth with
permanent dental implants. Unlike other prosthetics, dental implants are
individually secured into the jawbone. They promote jawbone retention and
require no alteration of or support from surrounding teeth. You can have
beautiful, fully functioning teeth, for a natural-looking smile

Esteem Dental Implants provide a full-arch
attached bridge for a permanent solution to major dental problems. Dr. Lynch
anchors the bridge to dental implants that replace your teeth, and you never
take it out. Your full-arch bridge implant looks like naturally healthy teeth
and gums but don’t attract plaque and won’t chip or break. You can eat and smile
with confidence. And a five-year study, published in the Journal of
Prosthetic Dentistry, showed them to have an over 99% success

Callison, DDS

Dr. Callison is helping patients enjoy
beautiful, healthy, fully functioning smiles — at any age — with Invisalign
Clear Aligners. Properly aligned teeth not only look great and give you
confidence, but they’re easy to keep clean and less apt to break or wear
down. Invisalign uses sets of plastic aligners Dr. Callison custom fits to
your bite. Because he creates them using state-of-the-art iTero intraoral
scanner, impressions are obtained instantaneously with no messy

Your fully customized clear aligners are worn
for 1-2 weeks at a time to shift your teeth into proper alignment, often in
less time than traditional braces. As you advance through sets of aligners,
your teeth are gradually adjusted without the soreness associated with
traditional metal braces. And new digital orthodontic technology allows Dr.
Callison to communicate with patients through an app to guide treatment and
limit office visits to every 3-4 months, perfect for college students and
those who travel. By the end of your treatment, you’ll have beautiful
straight teeth that boost your confidence, function properly, and are easier
to keep clean. Dr. Callison also offers patients relief from TMJ pain with
targeted Botox injections.

Morkos, DDS

“Dr. Morkos is the millennial of the bunch,”
Dr. Berlin said. “He keeps us up to date with the latest digital dentistry,
including advanced digital scanners.” McKinneyDentist.com has invested in
eight such scanners which enable the doctors to instantly show patients what
they’d look like after Invisalign or after a cosmetic surgery procedure.
“They also allow us to capture digital images for crowns or bridges without
messy, goopy impression material. Instead of waiting for weeks for a case to
go to the lab, we click a button and they have it immediately.” Dr. Morkos
also performs wisdom teeth extraction and places implants.

Madden, DDS

Drs. Madden and Morkos are super GPs
concentrating on comprehensive restorative dentistry. They both remove wisdom
teeth and perform other oral surgeries, as needed. “There’s really nothing
general about general dentistry,” Dr. Berlin said. “Increasingly, research
has shown that the same bacteria causing inflammation in the gums enters the
body as a person swallows, producing inflammation in the major arteries and
veins in the rest of the body — including the heart. Links have been
established between gum disease and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and
other life-threatening conditions. It’s more important than ever to stay on
top of regular check-ups with a qualified dentist like Dr. Morkos or Dr.
Madden.” Dr. Madden also provides treatment to local disabled veterans with
prior VA authorization. It’s a blessing for him to serve local men and women
who have served us so well.

With all these dental offerings under one
roof, not only do the doctors have a built-in second opinion but your family
can receive all your dental care at a practice where you’re already
comfortable. It’s no wonder generations of McKinney families have chosen
as their dental home.


1760 West
Virginia Street, Suite 100, McKinney, Texas 75069

(972) 54-SMILE
|  McKinneyDentist.com

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