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Calvin and Angela Schoessler | Calvin’s Climate Air Conditioning And Heating Solutions, LLC
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Why Should I Trust Calvin’s Climate?

Calvin recognized a need for ethical service in the residential sector. In starting his company, he made it personal. It is not unusual to have Calvin or Angela answer the phone when you call. The customer is our priority, and serving our hometown with education and straight-shooting advice is our focus. We do this with an owner-operated model and techs who specialize in service —with the reviews to prove it. Our goal is to deliver more than just cold and hot, so you feel the difference in our service.

I Want My A/C To Blast Like A Blue Northerner All Summer Long. Share Some Easy Tips To Make Sure It Stays In Top Form.

A clean A/C is a happy A/C. To start, if it’s a jungle around the unit, clear away the weeds and tall vegetation. Secondly, keep it clean. Debris, gunk, and dirt accumulating on the unit is a problem. Hire a licensed professional to clean a dirty unit, because the pros will get the job done right. And remember that old faithful tip: change your air filter. Clogged filters choke the unit’s air supply. It’s like trying to breathe through a paper bag. Get a filter in the right size too, because too small of a filter is like no filter at all. We can do that all for you, of course.

What’s The Value Of A Maintenance Plan For My A/C?

A neglected system uses more electricity and struggles to maintain temperatures that you desire. If you want that indoor cold front to work in the summertime, don’t neglect it. Like changing the oil on your car, regular maintenance boosts efficiency, extends the unit’s life, and saves on repairs. Electrical component safety checks and spotting issues early are just a few things we do to keep you cool.

I Need A Crash Course In Shopping For A New A/C System. Can You Help?

There is more to buying a new HVAC system than equipment. Many times, clients focus on the brands and boxes of new equipment.

Is the existing ductwork capable of handling the airflow that the system produces? Are the freon lines the correct size? What is the current comfort level of the home? You want a company that will take the time to address these details or you can end up with a new system that operates poorly — much like the old one.

With Calvin’s Climate, you will feel the difference.

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Calvin and Angela Schoessler Calvin’s Climate Air Conditioning And Heating Solutions, LLC
Calvin and Angela Schoessler
Calvin’s Climate Air Conditioning And Heating Solutions, LLC

Family owned and operated, Calvin’s Climate strives to build lifetime customer relationships, and has earned over 500 five-star reviews and counting. With 23 years of service to the community, their certified, background-checked, drug-screened technicians are the best around.

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