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Can Hand And Wrist Procedures Be Done In-Office?

We are offering in-office procedures, which wasn’t typically available before. This is a way to save patients time and money. When it comes to the hand and wrist procedures, we perform them under a local anesthetic. Patients can have the procedure and go home, and as an added benefit, they don’t need anyone with them to drive them home.

What Happens During An Orthopaedic Exam?

We first determine what’s going on and how it’s affecting your life and function. We then complete an evaluation, which includes X-rays and additional imaging. We try to offer conservative treatment options and help people feel better and function better without surgery. Depending on the issue, we might use medication or therapy. We can also think about injections depending on the problem. No matter what our patients might be experiencing, we want them to know they have options.

How Can I Treat Orthopaedic Pain In Between Appointments?

Treatment for orthopaedic pain is geared toward the problem and the diagnosis, so the treatment will depend on the issue. My specialty is hand, wrist, and elbow, so I see many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. We tell them to wear braces and follow a routine, and if the pain worsens, we want to reevaluate them. In contrast, knee, low back, and arthritic pain require more rehab-focused treatment.

What’s The Difference Between Bone Pain And Joint Pain?

For most people, bone pain is typically joint pain, although there are rarer conditions that may cause pain in the bone without having an injury. Many of our patients come in because they are experiencing joint pain, which can be referred to different parts of the body. For example, a patient may say it hurts down their arm, and it’s coming from the neck.

What’s The Fastest Way To Reduce Inflammation In The Joints?

The fastest way to reduce joint inflammation is to focus on correct mechanics. For most patients, this requires a long-term focus on rehab and doing the right program, working with the right people, and making sure you’re doing your warm-ups and post-workout and post-play routine. If it’s an injury, I recommend ice, rest, and immediately contacting a provider if it is not getting better.

What Commonly Is The First Symptom Of Joint Disease?

Pain is usually the first symptom of joint or bone disease. Most people will notice some pain or aches in a certain area, but the biggest concern is pain that is not going away. We see a lot of tennis elbow in our area, and for most people, it’s something they learn to live with. We can help and develop a program to get them feeling better. 

About The Expert

Nilpesh M. Patel, MD Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas
Nilpesh M. Patel, MD
Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas

Dr. Patel, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, specializes in hand, wrist, and elbow surgery, including sports-related injuries and nerve-related conditions. He graduated with his medical degree from the University of North Carolina. Dr. Patel completed a five-year residency in orthopaedic surgery at Emory University and specialized training at the University of Washington.

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