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What Should I Look For To Hire The Right Photographer For Our Family Portraits?

Taking pictures is different than composing portraits to tell a unique story within a family. There are millions of pictures taken every day with our phones. Hiring a professional photographer means the occasion is much more special than a casual snapshot.

Professional portraits take time to materialize. Discovering, through conversation, who will be photographed and the relationships and special bonds that connect them with one another are more important sometimes than the photograph itself. Our goal is to ensure the portraits have deep meaning and substance within that family.

Why Should I Print My Photos?

Hiring a photographer for those important moments means that the portraits should be presented within the home through tangible products. Wall portraits, portrait boxes, and albums are a fantastic way to enjoy the stories told with those that are close to you. Most people want to celebrate their unique family story by proudly displaying the best portraits on their walls.

JPEGs offer immediate gratification on phones, tablets, and computers. Many are not thinking of the 25-40-year long-term storage of digital files and the many technology changes that may affect our future. JPEGs get lost, computers and phones crash, and we also tend to forget about images buried within our devices. Wall portraits are never forgotten or lost. They are timeless and ever-present.

Why Does Everyone Need Headshots And Why Get Them Updated?

Headshots are indeed an integral part of your personal and professional brand. They represent who you are, what you stand for, and are often the first visual impression you make. Consider what you want people to know about you when they see your headshot. You want a headshot that shows your uniqueness — not just another person in a photo who looks professional.

The current recommendation is to have between 5-20 different headshots, each with a slightly different micro-expression. Our ability to coach our clients to create those micro-expressions is rare and unique within the photography industry vs. a picture that looks like a school photo. High-end headshots will enhance your personal and professional brand when you can uniquely connect with your audience.

How Do I Know Which Photographer To Choose?

  1. Start with a photographer who asks you about the purpose of the photography session and gets to know you and the products you may want once all the decisions are made rather than tell you
    about themselves.
  2. Use a professional photographer who uses external lights/strobes for every portrait and doesn’t need to use special photoshop effects to enhance a photograph’s appearance or hide a problem.
  3. Hire a photographer who will help you with simple, legacy-based, timeless portraits that will look good 20-35 years from now, versus matching the latest trend. Professional portraits are created to last a lifetime.

Whether you want to share and display your family’s unique story, update your personal or professional headshot, or have us cover a corporate event, call us to schedule a consultation.

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Scott Peek Scott Peek Photography
Scott Peek
Scott Peek Photography

Scott Peek Photography specializes in studio and on-location portrait photography. Scott works with families and companies who focus on building long-lasting relationships and view photography as an investment. The result is fine-art portraits and collections that tell each client’s unique story. Specialties include family, children, and high school senior portraits, professional headshots, corporate marketing, meetings, and events.

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