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How Do I Know Whether To Have My Car Repaired Or Buy A New One?

We have all asked this question when the cost of our vehicle repairs seems not to be worth investing in an older car. Everybody seems to get hung up on the current value of their car when they are struggling with this question. But there’s a better way. Say your vehicle needs $2,500 worth of repair. You can invest that amount in your current car, or you can spend $30,000 to $40,000 on a new one.  Obviously you have to make that decision for yourself. But the least expensive car to drive is almost always the one you already own.

Why Did You Choose This Industry?

My grandfather worked as mechanic in Georgia, when that was a fairly new thing.  He owned his own shop, which helped ignite my interest in the vehicle trouble shooting and repair. During high school my friend Dave and I attended the Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest, a program to educate seniors in vehicle repair. We studied three times a week on a college campus. Then we participated in competitions. The first level involved a written test. As we moved up we completed written tests and examined actual vehicles to determine their issues and repair them. We went on to win state, national and international competitions.

Do I Really Need To Follow The Manufacturer’s Recommended Service Plan?

The manufacturer engineered and built the car. They created the maintenance schedule to make the car last as long as possible. As the car gets older, we recommend some services even more often than the manufacturer. Bringing in your car allows us to see where problems might develop. With regular maintenance we can see potential issues and help you avoid more expensive repairs.

Can’t You Just Plug My Car Into Your Digital Unit And Pinpoint The Problem?

Often the digital unit can show us where the problem is not on your vehicle. The other thing it can do is show us the general area where the problem exists, not necessarily the specific problem. Newer vehicles can be very complex. The digital unit is not a magic bullet.

What Should I Look For In A Service Center?

Find a shop you are comfortable with. Make sure the staff  will take the time to answer all your questions. Develop a relationship. People run into to trouble when they hop around from shop to shop. You want someone you can trust who will treat you with respect.

What Separates Bertini’s From Other European Repair Shops?

We emphasize education for our customers. If our customers understand what we’re doing and why, they will be able to see that we have their best interests at heart. Our goal is to keep your vehicle in prime shape for as long as we possibly can.

About The Expert

John McIntyre Bertini’s European Service Center
John McIntyre
Bertini’s European Service Center

John McIntyre grew up in Northern California. His dad worked as an electrical engineer. John later relocated to the Houston area. John opened Bertini’s European Service Center in 1997 and has been providing the highest level of service for Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and Mini Cooper vehicles ever since.

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