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Other than air to breathe, there is nothing
more essential to life than water.
People use it for drinking,
cooking, bathing, washing, growing food and plants, and much more. Here in
America, we’re incredibly fortunate to have clean water whenever and wherever
we want it. Unfortunately, that is not true for many of the world’s
population — where organizations such as The Bucket Ministry step

The Bucket Ministry’s mission is simple yet
critical – to share God’s love through the gift of clean, safe drinking
water. The organization provides long-term access to clean water and the
opportunity of an eternity with Jesus Christ to underprivileged communities
worldwide.Copy of A

To Meet a

The Bucket Ministry began in 2012 when
Christopher “Chris” Beth accompanied his daughter on a mission trip to the
Brazilian Amazon. While on the trip, Chris witnessed the harsh reality that
millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking
water. The brutal fact is that 785 million people worldwide lack access to
clean, safe drinking water, according to the World Health Organization. For
context, that’s double the population of the U.S. – 332 million. This
unsanitary water is the leading cause of death in children under five, and
every day 700 children die from conditions linked to unsafe water, hygiene,
and sanitation.

“The normal reality for most of the world’s
population is that they drink whatever water they can find,” Chris explains.
“This water is dirty, has bacteria and other contaminants, and causes many
health problems, but they drink it because it’s all they have. On this trip,
the Lord spoke two distinct words to me – ‘Help them.’ I started
understanding the gravity of the world water crisis and realized God was
calling me to this specific purpose.”

Thus, The Bucket Ministry was born – an
organization dedicated to providing safe drinking water to those that need it
while also helping meet the spiritual needs of those who didn’t have a
relationship with God. Over a decade later, The Bucket Ministry actively
provides water filters and evangelizes to over 20 countries across five
continents. They use the Sawyer PointONE hollow fiber membrane filter in all
these locations. PointONE’s micron filtration system removes all bacteria,
cysts, and protozoa like Typhoid, Cholera, E. coli, and Giardia from drinking
water using the same sophisticated technology as kidney dialysis. The
well-made membranes prevent back-washing and allow the filter to be cleaned
and reused countless times. The PointONE filter will provide families with
more than 20 years of safe, clean drinking water with proper

Supplying these families with filters is one
of the three core aspects of The Bucket Ministry. “We’re very simple. We only
provide water, Jesus, and discipleship to those who come to believe,” Chris
explains. “We’re a faith-based organization, but we don’t leverage that. We
hand out water filters first, then tell them about Jesus and let them decide
if they wish to start a relationship with Him or not. As a good friend of
mine always says, ‘People will not believe the words of your mouth until they
feel the touch of your hand.’ The absolute truth of the Gospel is that God
gave us free will to come to him willingly. It’s all about wanting to come to

The Journey

collect data on underprivileged families and
individuals to understand better the scope and
severity of each community’s need for clean water and the Gospel. After the
initial visit to supply the communities with the filters and show them how to
use, maintain, and care for them, the Ministry conducts at least three
follow-up visits to monitor the filter, deepen the relationship with the
recipients, and develop the spiritual journey for those who accept the Good

Just like any organization, the backbone of
The Bucket Ministry is the volunteers and donors who give their time,
resources, money, and work to those less fortunate. The Ministry serves
approximately 35,000 families annually through dozens of missionaries and
pastors to provide clean, safe drinking water. Most funding goes directly to
the field to buy filters, buckets, and medicines for the people. Since its
inception, the organization has grown exponentially. Every year has been a
blessing for Chris and the Ministry. In 2022 alone, the Ministry gave away
over 32,000 long-lasting water filters and witnessed over 9,700 people give
their lives to Jesus Christ.

Chris continues to be amazed by the
difference the organization has made. “The magnitude of this work is almost
unbelievable to us, but we know it’s all made possible through God and the
support of our amazing donors,” he said. “We rely on God to bring us new
friends to help fund this wonderful cause, and the biggest way we do this is
through The Big Event.”

The Big

On November
11, 2023, at Southfork Ranch, The Bucket Ministry will host their biannual
fundraising gala, The Big Event. This wonderful evening is a chance for the
Ministry’s supporters and donors to support the efforts to pour into these
underprivileged areas directly. At The Big Event, the Ministry:


  • Holds a silent
    auction to resource our overseas missionary teams with water filters and

  • Hosts special
    musical guests and speakers to lead worship

  • Connects their
    supporters to the fantastic stories their donations are creating around the

  • It provides a
    four-course dinner, valet parking, an incredible atmosphere, and endless
    opportunities to find your place in The Bucket Ministry.

If you support mission work and are
passionate about the world water crisis, the 2023 Big Event at Southfork
Ranch is a significant first step to getting involved in this mission. Visit
the link below to learn more about the event or reserve your seat


1930 Alpha

Rockwall, Texas 75087



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