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Dr. Tomi Ola-Peters

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By Meredith Knight

Dr. Tomi Ola-Peters has always dreamed of starting her own, private medical practice. She enjoyed her time at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, enjoyed caring for the patients there and forging lifelong friendships with her coworkers. She loved the community and excellent schools surrounding the hospital. Yet, she longed for a time when she could really slow things down, get to know her patients, and truly become their wellness partner.

“I have a passion for empowering my patients, educating them to make savvy lifestyle choices,” Dr. Ola-Peters said. “That kind of partnership takes time.” Now, that she has her own practice, DivineTouch Medical Center, she’s able to place that emphasis on patient relationships, education, and empowerment. 

“I want to understand each patient’s priorities, goals, and challenges and truly make an impact on their lives,” Dr. Ola-Peters said. “While I loved my seven years as a hospital physician, I frequently offered services to patients then never saw them again.” Today, Dr. Ola-Peters is forging deeper patient/doctor relationship offering holistic and preventive care, wellness testing, chronic-disease management, and medical weight loss as well as sick care.

“I want to walk alongside my patients as they embrace a healthier lifestyle and practice self-care for improved well-being,” Dr. Ola-Peters said. At her internal-medicine primary-care clinic she integrates lifestyle changes into the prevention, treatment, and management of chronic conditions, working in collaboration with patients creating and executing customized wellness plans that enhance their quality of life. It’s proactive health management that’s easily accessible, reasonably priced, and convenient—but first and foremost it’s compassionate.

Dr. Ola-Peters considers it a privilege to serve her patients and community as their primary care physician. “I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to serve my community, and I’m excited about what He has in store for me in the coming years,” she said. If you’re in need of a primary care doctor, you can contact DivineTouch Medical Center at (682) 422-9950 for sick visits, preventive care, physical exams, wellness test, allergy treatments, chronic disease management, and weight management.

Dr. Ola-Peters is a board-certified internal medicine physician. She completed her post-graduate certificate in public health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth and an internal medicine residency at The University of Tyler Health Science Center. She worked in outpatient and inpatient medical centers at Good Shepherd Medical Center Longview, John Peter Smith Hospital, and Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Now at her private practice, she combines 16 years of medical experience with a compassionate “bedside manner” and a friendly, family-like rapport with her patients.

When not on the job, Dr. Ola-Peters enjoys gardening, music, and spending time with family. She also serves as an adjunct associate professor at the TCU School of Medicine mentoring the next generation of healthcare providers and volunteers in the children’s ministry at her church. Find out more and meet this dynamic primary-care physician at DivineTouchMedical.com.


304 North Mitchell Road
Mansfield, Texas 76063
(682) 422-9950

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