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Heather Ogburn Stokes, Founder & CEO
Heather Ogburn Stokes, Founder & CEO

Heather Ogburn Stokes, the founder and CEO of Serenity Light Recovery, wants those suffering from alcohol, drug, or substance abuse to know there’s help and there’s hope. “Our mission is to be a beacon of hope and light for our clients,” Heather says.

She has personal experience battling and overcoming addiction, and she knows that addiction can happen to anyone — even those whose lives may appear perfect on the outside.

Growing up, Heather played varsity softball, went on to study pre-med, and made the Dean’s List, but she was dying inside. At one of her lowest points, Heather blacked out behind the wheel as she careened down the highway at 70 MPH. She veered her truck off the road, totaling it but miraculously surviving the crash. “That set the journey for me,” Heather says. “I feel like it was a divine blessing that I totaled my truck. I was saved that day.”

When the officers arrived at the scene, Heather remembers someone saying to her, “I see right through this. You have potential in you. You can do great things.”

The Journey to Recovery

This life-changing experience ignited a passion inside Heather — she wants to let others know it’s never too late to change and to recover. “I want people to know there’s hope,” she says. “Recovery is possible, and you’re most definitely not alone.”

At Serenity Light Recovery, individuals can take the first step to recovery. Heather, along with her expert team of medical professionals, is ready to provide that beacon of hope to those who need it most. The center is known for its high medical acuity, with Heather’s father, Dr. Hugh Michael Ogburn, serving as executive medical director.

“He has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years, and addiction medicine for the past seven years,” Heather says. “When it comes to immensely ill individuals, he can care for the whole person — not just the addiction.”

You won’t find an impersonal hospital or institutional atmosphere here. The all-inclusive campus is situated on more than 10 picturesque acres in Angleton, Texas, giving people a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of city life. You also won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. The philosophy at Serenity Light Recovery is to meet people where they are in their addiction and guide them to recovery through clinical and holistic treatments.

“We beautifully bridge Western and Eastern modalities and provide customized holistic treatment,” Heather says. “We integrate wellness beyond just offering massages and yoga. We teach clients the science behind it and how it promotes self-healing, especially with the brain.”

If you or someone you care about has lost hope, make the call to Serenity Light Recovery. Admissions specialists are available 24 hours a day to run insurance and get people in immediately. Most insurances are accepted.


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