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Mica Alexander, MA, MBA, LPC

Connections Wellness Group – Rockwall

Mica Alexander, MA, MBA, LPC Connections Wellness Group – Rockwall
BY Meredith Knight | photo by Dallas McNeal Photography

Mica Alexander had a very unusual baby shower. It all began when she needed to fill an elective in high school and chose a psychology class. It didn’t take long for her to realize she’d stumbled upon her life’s passion. “I was initially drawn to addiction and criminal justice and actually worked at a men’s penitentiary for the first half of my career,” Mica said. Raised by a mother who taught her to be accepting of all people, no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they’ve done, she found it easy to connect with her patients.

“Even though I was in my early 20s, I felt very motherly or ‘big-sisterly’ toward the men I treated,” Mica said. “It helped that I really believed in what we were doing and that I felt strongly it was God’s plan for me at that time in my life.” So it was that, when Mica was pregnant with her first child, her penitentiary patients went up their chain of command, getting permission to throw their favorite therapist a baby shower.

Mica could have happily continued her work at the prison if she hadn’t married a serviceman. Now as a military wife, she transferred with him each time he was deployed. “We lived all over the world, and I practiced in many different settings both hospitals and out-patient clinics,” Mica said. “Eventually, I worked in an advisory capacity for the Air Force.”

Back in Rockwall with her now retired husband, Mica joined the team at Connections Wellness Group – Rockwall as executive director. “I brag all the time about the team we have here,” she said. “I love seeing the impact they’re having on the lives of our patients — and their families.”

Connections Wellness Group – Rockwall offers life-enhancing, personalized, comprehensive mental health solutions for adults and adolescents and an innovative, integrated treatment model. The team includes therapists, a registered nurse, two psychiatric nurse practitioners, and talented coordinators, specialists, and clinicians who provide an array of services that truly set the practice apart.

Connections Wellness Group – Rockwall’s PHP (partial hospitalization program) and IOP (intensive outpatient program) services provide their patients with a more intensive level of care. These carefully designed programs, which average around 10 weeks, help stabilize and improve an individual’s mental health before transitioning to therapy sessions once or twice a week.

“Think of IOP and PHP as in-between levels of care, with the highest being in-patient hospitalization,” Mica explains. “Our clients receive support throughout these programs, including group therapy and processing, psychiatry, and dietary consultations.”

When not on the job, Mica enjoys spending time with her three kids, volunteering at her church, serving as a military spouse advocate, and skiing whenever she can. If you think you or someone you know could benefit from the services provided by Connections Wellness Group, reach out today at ConnectionsWellnessGroup.com or (469) 545-0160.


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