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In the bustling world of marketing and media, Samantha Berens stands out as a trailblazer. Since 2017, her company, Ballyhoo Media & Marketing, has been empowering businesses of all sizes — and budgets — with smart media and marketing strategies that deliver maximum impact. “We’re here to level the playing field and ensure that quality marketing services are accessible to everyone,” she says.

Before starting Ballyhoo, Samantha carved her path through various roles at ad agencies. When her youngest child started kindergarten, Samantha decided to dive into entrepreneurship and establish her own firm. Her first task was a big one — choosing a name for her company. “Anybody in marketing and advertising knows that naming a company is one of the hardest things you’ll do,” she says with a laugh. “When you do it for your own business, it’s even harder.”

After much deliberation, Samantha chose “Ballyhoo.” She says, “Webster’s Dictionary defines ballyhoo as a ‘noisy, attention-getting demonstration or talk.’ That is what we do. We primarily work on the media side of marketing. We are the mouthpiece to all the work that gets done behind the scenes in creative and content development. We are the ballyhoo!”

As Ballyhoo’s client list grew, so did the team. Samantha tapped into her extensive list of industry contacts around Dallas and hired some of the area’s best and brightest. “Building a strong team has been a natural progression, starting with independent contractors and evolving into a dedicated group of professionals who share my vision and commitment to excellence,” she says.

Samantha says one of the most fulfilling parts of her job is getting to support small businesses on their journey to success. “I truly enjoy helping other small businesses be successful,” she says. Whether working with multimillion-dollar accounts or smaller budgets, Samantha and her team prioritize transparency and honesty, ensuring every client’s investment is maximized.

Reflecting on one of her proudest professional accomplishments, Samantha highlights the significant growth achieved for a midsize client. “We grew this client’s revenue by more than 80% year-over-year in the first year,” she says. This success story is a testament to Ballyhoo’s strategic approach and commitment to delivering tangible results for clients.

Outside of work, Samantha’s life revolves around her family. With two busy children, her schedule is shaped by their activities. “That’s one of the personal reasons I started Ballyhoo,” she says. “Flexibility and balance are so important to me, and this extends to my team.”

Want to know how Ballyhoo can help your business? Samantha encourages you to reach out for an initial consultation. “We listen to our clients’ marketing challenges and determine if we can help them,” she says. “If a client’s needs extend beyond our specialties, we leverage our network to connect them with talented freelancers who can fulfill those requirements seamlessly.”

Learn more about Samantha and the services her team provides at VisitBallyhoo.com.

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