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Shannon Burke

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Shannon Burke RDS Door & Windows

At the helm of RDS Door & Windows for the past six years, Shannon Burke is also the third generation of straight shooters to own it after her father and grandfather.

“A lot of people believe that doors are a DIY project, but here’s why they’re not — no house in Texas is square because of the ground. It moves a lot, so you need someone that knows how to shim it, square it off, and make sure your door swings right,” she said.

She even shared a few valuable tips on windows. “Get rid of those aluminum windows. They are not energy efficient and do not expand and contract with the brutal Texas heat and wild cold snaps like a vinyl or energy-efficient window I offer. That’s why you get all that air leakage driving up your energy bills. The glass pulls away and breaks the seal causing condensation between the glass and that foggy look in between the glass that you just can’t reach to clean.”

Burke educates her customers, earning trust and repeat customers. Staying local, Burke contracts with a local manufacturer for many of her windows through another woman-owned company in Fort Worth. Women, it turns out, are often her target customer. “The men think they’re in charge, but the truth is they always say, ‘I gotta ask my wife,’” she said.


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