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Every day is a little different for Dr. Laurie Parks and her team at GoaLine Orthodontics. With patients as young as seven and as old as in their 70s, the team serves not just as healthcare providers, but as educators.

“Braces and clear aligners are about more than a pretty smile,” Dr. Parks said. “Misaligned teeth can negatively affect speech and interfere with sleep. By throwing off the functionality of muscles and joints, they can cause pain in the jaw and neck, as well as cause chronic headaches. Crooked or crowded teeth are harder to keep clean, so they can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which have been linked to an array of medical conditions.” Dr. Parks takes time to educate each patient about options for addressing these and other issues, while at the same time giving them a gorgeous smile.

Employing the Latest Technology

As orthodontic technology advances, Dr. Parks enjoys investigating the best options for her patients. One of those advancements is digital indirect bonding. “This technology allows me to more precisely place the brackets on a patient’s teeth for optimum results,” Dr. Parks said. “We work with a computer-guided system that creates a digital impression of each patient’s teeth and brackets, allowing me to immediately see the end-of-treatment position of the teeth, before treatment even begins.”

Digital Indirect Bonding

Dr. Parks creates a digital impression of the patient’s teeth — an exact replica of their mouth — and with this digital impression, precisely positions each bracket. Next, a custom tray is created, which allows her to transfer the brackets from the lab model to the patient’s teeth. When brackets are ready, they’re transferred from the tray to the patient’s teeth and alignment begins.

Quicker Treatment Time

Where traditional braces installation can take 40-60 minutes, Dr. Parks can place brackets more precisely than before in 15-25 minutes. “There’s less chance of saliva affecting the bonding of the brackets when the procedure is done this quickly,” Dr. Parks said. “That means less chance of brackets coming loose during treatment. Most importantly, more precise placement means quicker overall treatment time.”

Retainers Made In-house

Once your teeth are aligned, Dr. Parks can manufacture your retainer right in her office using 3D printer technology. “We take digital impressions of your teeth in just a few minutes without bulky trays, gooey solution, or gagging,” Dr. Parks said. “Scans are uploaded to a computer and converted into a precise 3D CAD model of your mouth, which is sent to our 3D printer. From there, we can fabricate your custom retainer from advanced thermoplastic material right here in the office.”

“I’m committed to researching each new development and implementing the ones that will make treatment for my patients quicker, more pleasant, and more precise,” Dr. Parks said. “As long as families are entrusting their smiles to us, my team and I want to earn that trust every day.”


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