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Talitha Schmidt had a dream. As she worked
day after day in corporate America, she dreamed of having more time with her
family. As she packed for yet another business trip, she dreamed of nights at
the soccer field with her kids, being there to see them off to school in the
morning and tuck them in bed at night. For years, she’d dreamed of being her
own boss and owning a business that could be a vital contributor to her

In 2021, Talitha found herself — like many of
us — working from home. This additional time with her family only served to renew
her resolve. She began an exhaustive study of available franchise
opportunities looking for a business model that allowed her to improve her
community, invest in the lives of her DFW neighbors and friends, and be a
good steward of our God-given resources. She found all that and more in
Conserva Irrigation, a national corporation with local ownership. 

is all about partnering with homeowners and
business owners offering them lush, verdant lawns while conserving the
earth’s finite water supply. “Conservation is right there in the name,”
Talitha said. “Conserva Irrigation develops individualized solutions to help
alleviate the billions of gallons of water wasted every day through
irrigation system runoff. I loved that the product is eco-friendly, saves
families and businesses money by reducing water bills, conserves water, and
maintains gorgeous lawns all at the same time.”

Talitha was able to talk to other Conserva
franchise owners around the country and loved the pride they took in the
company. “It was obvious they were happy with their decision to align
themselves with this brand,” she said. “An irrigation company that’s focused
on saving water might seem like an oxymoron. But the whole premise is that
water is one of earth’s most precious resources and too much of it goes to
waste. Conserva was founded specifically to address the unnecessary water
waste irrigation systems create. We use a combination of advanced
technologies and cutting-edge water-saving products from industry-leading
manufacturers like Hunter and Toro to provide you with the smartest sprinkler
system in the neighborhood.”

She took the plunge, and it wasn’t long
before female-owned and family-operated Conserva
Irrigation of Northwest Dallas
had happy customers
through Argyle, Northlake, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville,
Denton, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, and North Dallas. “Word of mouth is our
best advertisement,” Talitha said. “Often, we’ll work with one family in a
neighborhood. Suddenly they have the lawn everybody else wants. Neighbors ask
them about it and, before we know it, we’re back to help another neighbors
inefficient system. Once they realize they can reduce their water usage buy
40% to 60% while still having a beautiful, healthy lawn, they can’t wait to
sign up. And we offer maintenance packages, so you don’t have to worry about
adjusting your controllers throughout the year. We take care of that for you.
We help people save money without installing a new irrigation system by
making changes to their existing system, upgrading spray heads, nozzles, and
controller that are very cost effective.”

“In this Texas heat, foundation watering is
imperative to a good foundation” Talitha said. “If the ground is separating
from your house, the foundation is crying for a drink of water. If you see
water pooling up in your yard, you may have a leak or — even worse — a
drainage issue. Pooling water can attract bugs and rodents. We can help you
create a foundation or drainage plan.”

Meet the

Talitha Schmidt grew up in Lewisville and
attended Lewisville High and University of
North Texas
. She and her husband have three wonderful
kids, age 13, 10, and seven who keep them busy running to soccer games,
basketball games, and their many other activities. (But you sure won’t hear
Talitha complain.) She and her daughter are active in National Charity
and she and her husband are active in Argyle United Methodist
where they serve as youth mentors to middle
school and high school students.

Find out more
at ConservaIrrigation.com.


(469) 502-6470


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