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What Differentiates Your Firm From Other Family Law Practices?

Currently all six of our attorneys and four of our paralegals are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We take a team approach to ensure every client gets the best possible outcome. We pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions for complex disputes and problems. We will not handle your case or divorce as if there is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution. The truth is, where emotions and uncertainties are concerned, there are no easy answers. That’s why we make it our number one priority to get to know you and understand your family’s needs.

What Should High Net-Worth Individuals With Complex Estates Look For When Hiring A Family Law Attorney?

Several of our lawyers have backgrounds in business and finance. The firm also has an in-house forensic financial specialist, Pam Faris. Pam has significant experience in forensic analysis in all areas of family law, including complex tracing and characterization of assets. She is skilled at organizing, interpreting, and documenting information. Her ability to communicate with individuals at all levels enables her to assist the firm’s clients to achieve their desired results.

When Planning Their Nuptials, What Would You Recommend For Clients Interested In A Premarital Agreement?

Premarital agreements, while not romantic, can be very helpful in saving time, headaches, and attorney fees if the marriage does ultimately end in divorce. A premarital agreement can set forth how all property will be divided if there is a divorce, which helps to alleviate the financial uncertainty a divorce can often bring. And if the marriage does not end in divorce, the premarital agreement is a document the client and his or her future spouse can keep stored away, maybe never to be referenced again.

Is Divorce Ever Easy?

Even in the most amicable divorces, divorce is never easy. Divorce affects all aspects of our client’s lives, including their children, extended family, and their financial security, which means emotions can run high. The firm strives to counsel our clients through these often-difficult changes in their lives and provide legal advice geared towards making the best possible decisions in a challenging situation.

When Children Are Involved, What Steps Should Be Taken To Make A Divorce As Amicable As Possible?

When children are involved, we advise not to put them in the middle of the parents’ disputes or to disparage the other parent to the children. It is important for clients to know that in most cases, both parents will be a part of their children’s lives for many years to come, therefore learning to effectively co-parent early on will make everyone happier in the long run and help the children adjust to their new reality. Children are resilient, but they also model their parents’ behaviors.

About The Expert

Natalie Webb The Webb family law firm, PC
Natalie Webb
The Webb Family Law Firm, PC

Since 2008, Natalie Webb has practiced family law in Texas with expertise, including award-winning recognition, in complex property divorces, custody litigation, pre- and post-marital agreements, enforcement proceedings, international child abduction, and more. She is a fellow of both the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the International Academy of Family Lawyers and is a frequent author and speaker for the State Bar of Texas.

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