Vivaldi Music Academy Offers Memorable Opportunities

Forty Students and Their Families Travel Abroad to Perform in Historic Brahms Hall at Musikverein in Vienna and Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

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By Melissa Gautier

Performing on stage at historic concert halls in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria might be just a dream to some music enthusiasts. But Zeljko Pavlovic has made it his mission for students of all ages and levels to realize the incredible opportunities available to them through music instruction. An accomplished concert violinist, author, and the founder and owner of Houston’s prestigious Vivaldi Music Academy, Zeljko fosters the fine art of music development in children and adults, enabling them to accomplish their dreams and future endeavors.

National and International Performances

Although Zeljko has garnered many accolades and awards since opening Vivaldi Music Academy 10 years ago, his most precious achievement is having the privilege of influencing thousands of young lives through unparalleled musical instruction. His passion for developing amazing performance opportunities has enabled students and their parents to experience a lifetime dream. Every summer for the past 10 years, Vivaldi students and parents have accompanied Zeljko at notable concert halls, providing accomplished performances to packed houses at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Royal College of Music in London, and most recently, Brahms Hall at Musikverein in Vienna and the Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg.

Last month, 40 Houston families accompanied Zeljko to historic Vienna and Salzburg to see their children perform on stage. The extraordinary concert halls are where Mozart and other famous composers have played. “I want my students to experience how it feels to be on a stage in front of an audience,” Zeljko said. The thrilling event is part of their 10-year anniversary celebration.

The priceless memories parents have of seeing their child perform on stage in significant concert halls are like no other. “I still have students and parents tell me what it meant to them.” Sold-out shows at Vivaldi’s church in Venice and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. are proof of the academy’s musical excellence and popularity. Opportunities are open to all students. “Their amazing recitals allow everyone to showcase what they have learned so far, not to mention their international performance trips,” says Meghna R. C., parent of a Vivaldi student.


Vivaldi’s Inception

Zeljko’s goal was to establish an entertaining and engaging learning experience with quality music education for students. His highly regarded academies offer serious yet enjoyable environments for music lessons, sparking nationwide interest.

“Since the beginning, the demand for enrollment at Vivaldi has been tremendous,” Zeljko said. He’s opened eight Vivaldi locations including Houston, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Memorial, The Heights, West University, San Antonio, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Currently, plans are in the works for New York City as well as other locations. “We’re the largest music academy in the United States and continue to expand nationwide,” he said.

The academy’s rapid growth is clearly due to a demand for mastering musical skills not only for career endeavors, but also for learning to play as a hobby. Students are taught by the crème de la crème of teachers who are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives.

Incomparable Music Education

Experienced teachers with diverse backgrounds and education from Julliard, Boston Conservatory, Rice University, and other prominent universities are all music professionals and performers. Many tour with bands and orchestras, playing everything from rock to classical music. “We love the classes at Vivaldi,” says Amy A., parent of a Vivaldi student. “The staff is super friendly and so helpful. My daughter has learned so much and has grown under the care of their phenomenal teachers and staff.”

As the academy establishes its footprint to broader areas, it maintains the quality teaching it offered since the beginning. Vivaldi invests time in thoughtfully pairing each student’s personality and learning style to the demeanor and teaching style of the teacher. Teachers encourage and welcome feedback and suggestions when communicating with students’ parents.

“We have been at Vivaldi since the day the academy opened its doors,” Gury D. said. “The kids appreciate the personalized instruction, care, and attention of their teachers. As parents, we appreciate the communication, as well as the opportunity for our kids to perform at recitals locally, nationally, and internationally.” 

Programs Offered

At Vivaldi, kids have space to be creative while receiving the highest level of music education. “Mastering a musical instrument enhances your child’s self-esteem and builds confidence,” Zeljko said. Children ages one through four start with the Seasons Program, learning musical rhythms and movement to music. They’re able to read music by age four as a result of Seasons’ proprietary curriculum. By age five, students can transition to private lessons for concentrated focus on their craft.

Vivaldi’s enriching environment provides a creative place for developing and learning the art and discipline of musical study. “We strongly recommend Vivaldi Academy to anyone interested in developing their child’s musical skills and instilling a love for music in them,” said Gury D.

Zeljko’s Musical Journey

Zeljko’s family has a rich and treasured musical history that paved the way for his remarkable career. Beginning with the violin at age three in his home country of Bosnia, Zeljko was already a master violinist at age 15 when he and his family escaped war-torn Bosnia for the United States years ago. His talent and determination paid off, resulting in performances with top orchestras in the U.S. and abroad. His relentless passion for success in spite of life’s adversities has propelled him to an unmatched level of achievement.

Zeljko looks forward to sharing his passion and excitement with future students, their families, and the community. For more information on Vivaldi Music Academy, performance videos, and additional locations, please visit their website.


9311B Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77024
(713) 489-3646

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