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A fourth-generation Texan
native raised in the Dallas area, Karen attended Lake Highlands High School
and Texas Tech, realizing early that she would rather own a company than work
for someone else.
Karen’s personal life always intertwined
with her professional endeavors. In 1996, while balancing responsibilities as
a mother and community projects volunteer, she sought avenues to generate
additional income without compromising her family life.

Drawing from her father, Robert C. Houston’s
wisdom and experience in banking, she considered real estate investments,
recognizing the earning potential. With that in mind, Karen acquired five
land parcels, including acreage, for $2,500 at the county courthouse auction.
New, smaller homes were being constructed in Dallas and Rockwall, so she
expanded her real estate endeavors by purchasing properties there as

As a woman navigating the business world,
Karen encountered challenges securing loans for investment properties. She
faced hurdles and such biased comments like, “Maybe your husband could
cosign for you.” She also heard, “Are you sure that you can handle
rental properties?” and “Maybe you should bring in a partner who
has experience.” Despite ample qualifications, Karen struggled to dispel
skepticism and assert her capability as a rental property

Karen Houston Holloway’s entrepreneurial
resume includes two CEO positions and two founderships, but it was Karen’s
grit that allowed her to combine a lifelong passion for business and
adventure in spite of those hurdles, building her dream come true


Recognizing that properties secured with
loans could only yield significant cash flow after considerable time, Karen
conceived an innovative idea. She set out to acquire affordable rental
properties in desirable areas, providing individuals and families with
charming, reasonably priced accommodations.

In 1949, Karen’s grandfather, L.B. Houston,
previously Dallas’ park director for over 45 years, invested in a 100-acre
farm in Quinlan, Texas. With fond memories of time spent on the family farm
near Rockwall, Karen directed her focus towards the same delightful town that
previously eluded her notice as a businesswoman.

During an exploratory visit to Quinlan, the
endearing, unique sight of children on horseback walking through the town
captivated her. The playing children, lemonade stands adorning the streets,
and residents enjoying their porches with glasses of iced tea piqued her


Determined to be part of Quinlan’s growth,
Karen acquired her first few rental properties: adorable cottage houses
boasting spacious fenced backyards. As her enterprise expanded, she extended
her reach to West Tawakoni, a picturesque lakeside community, and Celeste,
another enchanting town.

Over time, Karen established her Main Street
office in downtown Quinlan, acquiring surrounding land with the intention of
building a community park to provide a space for residents to

Today, Karen is the proud CEO and owner of
property management firm Houston Place Properties. She owns and manages over
two hundred rental properties encompassing houses, apartments, duplexes,
commercial spaces, ranchettes on acreage, RV parks, and mobile home parks.
Her ultimate objective remains the same: provide affordable housing options,
enabling families to secure pleasant dwellings in idyllic

Karen also holds ownership of several
commercial buildings, with a select few earmarked for potential new business
opportunities. Whether entrepreneurs seek to relocate, initiate a new
enterprise, or expand their existing operations, Karen is prepared to
collaborate and facilitate the move to Quinlan by offering enticing
“getting started incentive packages.”

In addition to her commitment to affordable
rental housing, Karen dedicates her efforts to philanthropy. She founded
White Star Wishes Foundation, an organization using her ranches to provide
individuals with opportunities to explore and reconnect with nature away from
the distractions of phones and computers.

A Charming

With soaring rental market prices, young
individuals and families embarking on their journeys face considerable
financial strain. As rental rates in larger cities surge, one-bedroom
apartments are priced between $1,400 and $1,900 per month. Additionally, two
or three-bedroom homes often rent for $2,500 or more, monthly. As property
tax values increase, property owners are inevitably compelled to raise rent
prices, amplifying the burden on tenants.

To address this predicament, Karen advises
prospective renters to explore opportunities just outside the confines of
larger cities and consider properties available through Houston Place
Properties. While there may be a waiting list at present, interested parties
are encouraged to visit the town of Quinlan and her office, where they can
complete applications for future availabilities.

Houston Place Properties offers a range of
options, including two-bedroom, one-bath homes with spacious fenced yards,
with prices ranging from $950 to $1,250, monthly. Additionally, one-bedroom
units and efficiencies are within the $650 to $950 range, with some including
utilities. Those seeking ranchettes complete with seven acres, barns, and
shops can expect prices between $1650 and $2000 per month, among other
offerings. Therefore, for the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in a major
city, individuals or families can enjoy acreage in a breathtaking

Houston Cabin


Thirteen years ago, Karen met her husband,
Don Holloway, on an unforgettable blind date at the Oar House Restaurant in
Rockwall, Texas. “The minute I saw him smile, my heart melted, and we have
been together ever since,” she said.

Both Karen and Don share a passion for
ranching and caring for exotic animals, including camels, water buffalo,
zebras, oryx, blackbuck, longhorns, llamas, pot-bellied pigs, miniature
goats, and more.

Don, originally from Greenville, Texas,
founded aerospace structural machining company Beacon Industries, Inc. over
40 years ago. After serving as vice president of Beacon, Karen assumed the
role of CEO and has established it as a women-owned business for over a

Karen is also a member of Dallas Junior
League, and member of U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She is a mom of four
children and “Mimi” to four grandchildren.


Place Properties

2931 Ridge Road Suite 101-51

Rockwall, Texas 75032


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