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Cheyenne Medical Lodge

Cheyenne Exterior Banner

In the heart of Mesquite, Texas, Cheyenne Medical Lodge
stands as a beacon of compassionate care and unparalleled comfort.

Beyond the bricks and mortar, it’s a place where healing is not just a
process but a personalized journey. Steeped in local roots, our corporate
office, nestled in nearby Rockwall, reflects our commitment as a
community-driven entity. Step into a world where healing meets hospitality at
Cheyenne Medical Lodge, where every resident is not just a patient but a
cherished member of our extended family.

Founded with a vision to bring warmth and
compassion to post-hospital rehabilitation and senior care, Cheyenne Medical
Lodge has been an integral part of the Mesquite community since 2019. Our
story is one of commitment, care, and a deep-seated belief in treating every
individual with the respect and dignity they deserve, right here in your
local community.

Cheyenne Resident Suite


Discover unparalleled comfort in our resident
rooms at Cheyenne Medical Lodge. Whether for short-term rejuvenation or an
extended stay, each meticulously designed space features spacious built-in
wardrobes, 80” adjustable beds, personal 40” TVs with cable, and personal
refrigerators. Our commitment extends to the latest healthcare necessities
and safety features, ensuring not just accommodation but a secure haven where
well-being is paramount. In these thoughtfully crafted rooms, residents find
a perfect blend of luxury and practicality, embodying our dedication to their
utmost comfort.

Cheyenne Therapy Room (Enhanced)


Step into the future of rehabilitation at
Cheyenne Medical Lodge, where our state-of-the-art Therapy room becomes the
epicenter of healing. Led by experienced and accommodating professionals, we
specialize in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy,
offering cutting-edge treatment plans under Post-Acute Care. Our services are
a lifeline for seniors post-injury, guiding them toward regaining strength
and independence through personalized rehabilitation

Cheyenne Dining Room


Savor the culinary delights at Cheyenne
Medical Lodge, where the grand dining hall and 24/7 snack bar set the stage
for a memorable dining experience. Beyond the elegant ambiance, our culinary
team crafts delicious and nutritious meals, catering to individual dietary
needs. Residents have the flexibility to enjoy communal dining in the grand
hall or relish personalized meals in the comfort of their suite.
Additionally, our private bistro offers an exclusive dining option for
short-term residents, ensuring that every meal at Cheyenne is a delectable
journey tailored to elevate their overall experience.

Cheyenne Courtyard + Smoking Area (Enhanced)

Courtyard +
Designated Smoking Area

Cheyenne Medical Lodge extends the healing
journey outdoors, where our beautifully landscaped grounds, courtyard, and
walking paths create a serene haven for residents. Our designated smoking
area goes beyond traditional amenities, providing a secure space for those
who wish to smoke, always accompanied by an aide to ensure a seamless and
safe experience. This carefully crafted exterior complements our commitment
to the holistic well-being of our residents, offering a retreat where nature
meets care.

Cheyenne Living Area

Every Day,
One Step Forward

As we conclude our journey through Cheyenne
Medical Lodge, envision a place where compassionate care and cutting-edge
services intertwine, creating more than just a facility — a family-oriented
haven. Residents are not merely recipients of care; they are cherished
members of an extended family. We invite you to join us, where warmth,
innovation, and genuine connection intersect. If you or a loved one are in
need of senior care, contact us today for more information or to schedule a
tour. Experience the Cheyenne difference – where each day becomes a step
forward on the path to vibrant living.

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750 Hwy

Mesquite, Texas 75149



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