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When was the last time you told
your doctor that you just feel off or not like yourself?
many tests have you had or how much time did you spend searching online for
answers? You have life changes, body changes, and even an aging brain which
can make you feel less like yourself. Time seems to speed ahead as we age,
and before we know it, we are in a space that many ask ‘How did I get here
and how do I make it stop?’ Unfortunately, aging sucks.

The good news is that although the aging
process can’t be stopped completely, there are some amazing treatments and
cutting-edge technologies available today that help slow and reverse
age-related changes, and make getting older much more enjoyable.

A national lecturer, instructor and
board-certified OB/GYN for over 20 years, Dr. Kimberly L. Evans is
distinctive in her experience, expertise, and compassion for her patients.
She recognized that her female patients needed her help with many of the
symptoms of menopause, the effects of aging and overall wellness. In 2014 she
expanded her practice and established Sugar Land Medical Spa, elevating
women’s healthcare to a completely new level. In addition to traditional and
cosmetic gynecological services, Dr. Evans and her team of medical
professionals provide a full menu of non-invasive and surgical treatments to
address issues with women’s form as well as function.

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Dr. Evans surrounded by the incredible staff at
Sugar Land Medical Spa.

Love Your

As women age, they appreciate the wisdom they
have gained in life, but tend to hate what time has done to their appearance.
The team’s goal at Sugar Land MedSpa is to help you become the best version
of yourself, not make you look like someone else.


The effects of normal aging combined with
menopause and subsequent decreased estrogen levels result in physical changes
that are frustrating to many women, as well as those around them. Common
symptoms of hormone imbalance include weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes,
night sweats, loss of energy, brain fog, sleep problems and decreased libido.
When a woman doesn’t look or feel the way she wants, feeling sexy or
self-assured becomes a struggle. For generations women suffered in silence.
As a woman, Dr. Evans can relate to her patients because she understands
firsthand the effects of aging and menopause.

Love Your

The female human body is undoubtedly both
remarkable and miraculous. As we age, we experience hormonal and weight
changes, not to mention how pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on our
bodies. The combination affects the way we feel, how we look, and the way our
bodies function. Decreased hormone production and a slowing metabolism also
make it harder to shed unwanted pounds. Dr. Evans’ and her team are a BioTe
Certified Platinum Service Practice, specially trained in managing symptoms
of menopause and aging. By adjusting and regulating hormones, they empower
women, restoring their energy and confidence.

Sugar Land MedSpa also offers a
comprehensive, medically supervised weight loss program tailored to each
patient’s needs. By combining Semaglutide with B-12 injections, patients lose
weight and boost their energy levels.

A great enhancement to this weight loss
program is the combination of EmSculpt Neo with the patented Edge
Applicators. This treatment essentially destroys fat cells while building
muscle tone in the abdomen and waistline, providing 
the equivalent of more than 20,000 sit-ups per session. The
results – a smaller, more sculpted waistline.

What Patients Are Saying:

“It was like talking to my sister or a close
girlfriend. I knew I could trust her with my

“Around the time I turned fifty, I didn’t feel or
look like myself anymore. I had gained weight and the effects of menopause
were making me (and my husband) miserable. I had no energy and had lost
interest in sex. Thanks to Dr. Evans and the compassionate team at Sugar Land
Medical Spa, I am thrilled to report that I have my “old self” back and now I
am looking forward to the future.”

Love Your

Along with hot flashes and moodiness,
menopause can cause a serious strain on intimate relationships. Plummeting
estrogen levels affect a woman’s libido and can cause sex to become painful
for many. In fact, a recent American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
survey says that over 60 percent of divorces are initiated by women going
through menopause. Fortunately, this phase of life does not have to lead to
dissatisfaction or the end of your romantic relationship!

A common issue for ‘mature’ women is the
weakening of pelvic floor muscles, which leads to urinary incontinence and
vaginal laxity. The EMSELLA® is a noninvasive device
which strengthens women’s pelvic floor muscles by delivering thousands of
supramaximal pelvic muscle contractions in a single session – the equivalent
of 11,000 Kegels. 

Outward signs of aging aren’t limited to just
women’s faces. Dr Evans has talked with many patients who actually avoid intercourse
due to pain, or because the appearance of their exterior female organs has
changed. The EmFemme 360 gently treats the inside of the vagina to improve
blood flow, sensation and tone, making it easier to feel your partner. It
also improves the aesthetic appearance of the labia. The Orgasm “O” Shot, is
a non-surgical treatment that helps to increase sexual arousal, restore
moisture and rejuvenate the vagina. Patients report stronger and more
frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication, greater arousal and
decreased urinary incontinence after having the procedure.

When non-invasive treatments like the O-shot
and the EmFemme 360 are not enough, Dr. Evans also offers cosmetic gynecology
reconstruction services. Labiaplasties are performed to reduce excess
exterior tissue while Vaginoplasties and Perineoplasties help to surgically
restore external genitalia to pre-pregnancy form.

In addition to an extensive background in
gynecology services, Dr. Evans consults with each patient to discuss the
exact results that the patient wants to achieve, taking into account
appearance, including moles, skin tags, or unsightly scars that need to be removed.
As a Cosmetic Gynecologist, Dr. Evans is concerned with form and function.
The end result should be both beautiful and functional. The proper tightness
can lead to an enhanced appearance and improved sexual function, restoring
your desire for intimacy, improving sexual performance, and your ability to
feel pleasure. In other words, treatment with Dr. Evans could revitalize your
love life.

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“It’s okay to have fun, feel like ourselves, and feel

– Dr. Kimberly Evans

Love Your

Sugar Land MedSpa offers some of the best
medical grade skin care lines and professional treatments available, helping
patients obtain optimum results without plastic surgery. In addition to
custom facials, laser hair removal and advanced aesthetic services, the
Exillis Ultra 360 is a break-through technology which tightens skin
(non-invasively) to give a more lifted and sculpted look to the face, neck
and décolleté. Other services include Microneedling, Botox and Juvederm,
which can significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, add
volume and create a more youthful appearance.

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Nurse Practitioner Amber Brightly, APRN, FNP-C,
MSN, and Dr. Kimberly Evans

Love Your Medical

Women often find it difficult to talk about
certain issues, even with their doctor. Dr. Evans encourages her patients to
open up, especially when it comes to sensitive or taboo topics. By listening,
without judgement, to each woman’s unique concerns, she is able to recommend
a customized treatment plan to help them feel their absolute best. Dr. Evans
and her team at Sugar Land Medical Spa are changing the way women think about
visiting the doctor. Far beyond an annual well-woman exam, patients can take
advantage of the many unique services offered, and leave feeling restored,
refreshed, youthful, optimistic, and more beautiful, inside and

In 2024, Dr. Evans was awarded the Women’s
Choice Award® for Best Doctors nationwide. In
addition, Sugar Land Med Spa has been voted Living Magazine’s Best MedSpa,
Best Bio-Identical Hormone Center, Best Local Weight Loss Program and Best
Facial Treatments multiple years in Fort Bend. Due to increased demand, Dr.
Evans has expanded her practice and added Nurse Practitioner Amber Brightly
to the team. Amber is an expert in gynecology care, medical weight loss, and
is a Certified Botox Injector.

Seeking medical care with Dr. Evans and Sugar
Land Medical Spa can be truly life changing, in so many ways! Contact Sugar
Land Medical Spa today to schedule your appointment and experience an
unsurpassed level of quality care.


Dr. Kimberly
Evans Sugar Land Medical Spa

1441 Highway 6, Suite #200

Sugar Land, TX 77478

(281) 277-7721


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