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Toyota of Rockwall's Jasmine Jackson-Conley | Leading by Example
Toyota of Rockwall's 
Leading by Example
by Steve Gamel | photos by The Teal Album
By Steve Gamel | Photos by The Teal Album

Toyota of Rockwall has been family-owned and operated since it opened its doors in 2008.

Steven Jackson — Dealer, 50 years of industry experience
Barbara Jackson — Vice president, 43 years of industry experience
Jasmine Jackson-Conley — VP of operations, eight years of industry experience
Christian Conley — Fixed operations director, seven years of industry experience

It was a typical Thursday afternoon, and Jasmine Jackson-Conley suddenly found herself reminiscing about her budding career as a leading businesswoman in Rockwall and the wealth of knowledge she’d already accrued in the automotive industry. At just 34, she has ascended the ranks by holding six different roles at her parents’ wildly popular Toyota of Rockwall dealership since it opened — including her current one as vice president of operations. But those are only the titles officially “on the books.”

Toyota of Rockwall's 
Leading by Example

If you want to get technical, Jasmine started as a receptionist when she was 8. This was back when her parents, Steve and Barbara Jackson, owned a small but mighty dealership in California before moving to Texas in 2008. As a young girl immersed in the bustling business, she gravitated toward the accounting office and sought opportunities to shadow and learn from the influential women working there. This early exposure to strong female role models profoundly influenced her, like her constant presence beside her parents as they navigated business matters — whether at the dealership or within the community.

And there was, of course, her shining moment when, at 18, she suggested that their Toyota of Rockwall location be the first automotive dealership in the world to earn Gold LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for excellence in environmental design.

Clearly, Jasmine Jackson-Conley is destined for big things — and her heart for the business will always start and end with family.

“My husband and I have four daughters, and our oldest, Indigo (10), is already talking about stepping into my shoes — she’d be ready even if I decided to retire tomorrow,” Jasmine said with a laugh. “She follows her favorite employees around as they go through their daily duties and loves every bit of it. With four daughters, we’re excited to see what God does to build this little kingdom of future leaders.”

Toyota of Rockwall's 
Leading by Example

A Family Affair

Jasmine is undoubtedly a shining star at Toyota of Rockwall, where you can find an amazing selection of new Toyotas and pre-owned vehicles. Servicing all makes and models, their service and parts department is second to none. But at the heart of everything is your everyday American family that encourages everyone to take ownership of their unique role. Steve Jackson is the dealer and is in his 50th year of serving families. Barbara is in her 43rd year and is typically found out and about as the dealership’s “face in the community.” With Jasmine at the helm, they are both inching toward retirement.

That being said, they’ve clearly been making changes in leadership. Jasmine’s husband, Christian Conley, is entering his seventh year with the dealership and is their fixed operations director. Jasmine oversees the company’s vision and ensures the customer experience is unrivaled. But she’s always training for the next job above her. She recently wrapped up one year of formal automotive dealer training, during which she went department by department during an intensive program.

She added, “Every day is different and exciting. In the Toyota world, we say we’re trying to get 1% better every day.”

She’s practically got her hands in everything, and her eye for sustainability has never been stronger.

In addition to native landscaping that uses less water and resources and floors, walls, and ceiling tiles made from post-consumer waste, Toyota of Rockwall recently installed solar panels, giving the dealership the first commercial set in Rockwall.

“The way we approach everything is 100% different than anywhere else,” Jasmine said. “We came from a tiny store in California with a locally oriented mindset to one that’s 79,000 square feet with a global mission. We strive to be good stewards of our people and our planet. After 16 years, we are established here and want to further enrich our relationships in Rockwall and the Metroplex.”

Toyota of Rockwall's 
Leading by Example

Rockwallians Through and Through

Jasmine and the rest of the Jackson family’s commitment to improving their
community is palpable. Fellow residents feel it as soon as they walk in the front door. Their care and leadership when it comes to the customer experience also extend outwards, as they offer customers the option to purchase gas-powered, hybrid, or electric cars. They also offer 10 yearly Toyota matching grants to local 501(c)(3) nonprofits while displaying a dedication to education and a heart for the next generation. Clearly, Toyota of Rockwall takes pride in how it treats customers and the community. That steadfast, daily dedication to customer service hasn’t gone unnoticed with awards such as the DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award (2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023) and Living Magazine’s “Best Of” Dealership awards 10 years in a row. Toyota of Rockwall is also a recipient of the 2019 Toyota President’s Award in recognition of all facets of the dealership.

They’re revving up the impact where it’s needed most – all while keeping Rockwall rolling with a fleet of standout cars.

“We are Rockwallians. We’ve built our lives here, go to church and school here, and care deeply about this community,” Jasmine said. “My parents have done so much to foster relationships with charitable organizations in the area for the past 16 years, and with me stepping into that role, I’m eager to be a valuable resource for anyone who needs it. I want to help. I want to lead the next generation.”


1250 East I 30
Rockwall, Texas 75087
(469) 434-3231

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