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Terri DeNeui, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC

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Dr. Terri DeNeui loves to share stories of numerous patients who say they, “feel like they have their lives back,” after treatment at EVEXIAS® Medical Centers and from trained EvexiPEL® practitioners.  

Dr. Terri, as her patient’s call her, is the founder of EVEXIAS® Medical Centers, EVEXIAS® Health Solutions and creator of the EvexiPEL® method. As a board certified Nurse Practitioner she holds certifications in acute care and emergency medicine and advanced hormone therapies. She and her team of seven additional healthcare providers specialize in preventive and integrative medicine. 

As an acute care practitioner working in busy hospital systems, Dr. Terri became disenchanted with the current “sick care” system. “I believe we are very well trained to treat emergent and acute disease processes” Dr. Terri says. “However, what is lacking desperately in our training programs is an integrated approach that focuses on the root cause of disease and disease prevention.” 

She and her husband and CEO Dan DeNeui are so passionate, in fact, they formed EVEXIAS® Health Solutions, whose primary focus is to train other healthcare providers in these life changing methodologies. At EVEXIAS®, this is their primary focus—to radically change the “sick care” system into true healthcare, how patients experience care and how other doctors and healthcare providers in their network provide that care. 

“Here’s a great example, and a common scenario,” Dr. Terri says. “A woman in her forties came in about six months ago suffering from fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, low libido, and stomach problems. She was unable to lose weight no matter how hard she tried, which made everything worse. Our program not only completely reversed her type 2 diabetes, but she has also lost 60 pounds and all her symptoms have resolved. She didn’t have to starve herself, exercise for hours every day or make radical changes to her lifestyle.”

“Starting with the basics, we corrected her hormonal imbalances, began some nutritional support and addressed her gut issues; then we layered in peptide therapy to address her elevated insulin levels that caused her type 2 diabetes,” Dr. Terri reports. “She is so motivated now, has begun to exercise and has made major health and dietary improvements stating, ‘I never want to feel that way again.’”

When you hear stories like this, the name EVEXIAS® makes perfect sense. The word comes from Greek and means “much wellness” or “exuberance about wellness.” That’s exactly what you can expect when you consult with an EVEXIAS® provider near you. 

“We are impassioned about getting to the root cause of the patients’ concerns ” Dr. Terri says. “We have moved strongly into an integrated health model, addressing not only hormone deficiencies such as estrogen, testosterone, thyroid and others; but also metabolic issues, gut issues, depression, anxiety, sexual health, and a host of other problems that patients have been seeking answers to for years.”

Inflammation throughout the body influences a long list of chronic diseases and vague patient complaints. We often think of inflammation as swelling we can see in hands, feet, or other visible areas. But every chronic disease, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, to name a few, have inflammation at its origin. This has recently been termed “metainflammation” in the medical literature.  EVEXIAS® practitioners offer a “whole body” approach to discovering where in the body inflammation resides and addressing it to attempt to reverse and/or prevent chronic diseases.

The gut, or gastrointestinal system, has been called the body’s “second brain” and “second immune system” because it has so much impact on overall health. Gut health can impact the immune system, mental health, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. As much as 70 percent of the immune system resides in the intestinal tract. Numerous hormones release from our gut, including the “feel good” hormone, serotonin. 

Regenerative and integrated therapies have produced breakthrough results for EVEXIAS® patients. Among the newest and most effective is MetabolicCode®, which analyzes how the primary body systems, (gut, immune, brain, cardiovascular, neurological, adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones) are functioning, a process called metabotyping. Results allow practitioners to address imbalances with proprietary nutritional supplements, hormone replacement therapy, dietary, and exercise planning, gut health therapy, and ongoing one-on-one guidance including modifications to treatments as your progress evolves.

The caring staff at EVEXIAS® Medical Centers commits to not only helping you feel better but also making sure your looks reflect that health. “We love helping people look good too!” Dr. Terri says. “When we finally begin to feel better, we are ready to tackle the effects of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sexual dysfunction and more. It works from the inside out.”

Everyday life can take a toll on the body. Most of us are accustomed to a traditional “sick care” approach, seeking help for symptoms and receiving prescription medication without ever digging down to discover the true cause of the problem.  

EVEXIAS® practitioners dig deep to uncover the root cause of disease and ill health, and then create a personalized course of treatment to address the cause and achieve healing. Every EVEXIAS® journey begins with testing and consultation to discover why patients suffer from particular symptoms and create a treatment plan specifically designed to relieve those symptoms and create lasting change.

More information is available on the EVEXIAS® website, EvexiasMedical.com/Contact-Us/. You may also find a provider near you that has been trained by the EVEXIAS® Health Solutions Team on evexias.com.

This information in this article is for education purposes only. These statements and testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The statements made regarding some or all products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Please consult a physician or other health care professional for your specific health care and medical needs or concerns.


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