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Terri Bauer Mansfield Family Dentistry

Terri Bauer - - Archived

Mansfield Family Dentistry

Terri Bauer Mansfield Family Dentistry
By Meredith Knight | Photo by Landon Day

Terri Bauer believes in leading by example. Whether she’s spending time with her grown children and beloved grandchildren, mentoring young riders in cutting-horse competitions, or working alongside her husband and son at their family dental practice, Terri believes in cultivating a grateful heart—in herself and others. “I’m blessed with amazing children and grandchildren,” Terri said. “I work with wonderful, supportive people. And I have my biggest cheerleader, my husband, by my side. I get to start each day with him on our back patio at the farm just counting our blessings. My cup truly runneth over.”

Terri was blessed with parents who taught her the value of hard work, to understand the value of a dollar, and to give to those in need. “They encouraged me to be a giver, not a taker,” she said. “Throughout more than 40 years in business I’ve come to realize, things aren’t happening to you. They are happening for you. My parent taught me to never stop learning, never stop serving, and never stop being grateful.”

Terri strives to carry that spirit of gratitude with her throughout her day and let it lead her thoughts, words, and deeds. “My goal is always to ‘let go and let God’, to follow the spiritual path He’s ordained for me; to give to others and help them find their own spiritual path; to remember always life is a journey–enjoy it; to be a good example to my children as they begin their own journey, and to give my true self to my life partner and soulmate, John.”

Those who know and love Terri can attest that she doesn’t stray far from the principles she’s laid out for herself. Whether she’s spending quality time with her large and growing family or working side by side with her husband and son at Mansfield Family Dentistry—or whatever she’s doing—Terri is walking the walk and talking the talk of a Christian woman.

For more than 40 years, Mansfield Family Dentistry has been about building relationships, treating people with respect, and making patients feel like family. “Caring for others by building great relationships is a blessing,” Terri said. “We want to make a difference through listening and hearing the needs of our patients and helping achieve their dental goals.”

An avid horsewoman herself, Terri is an ardent sponsor of youth cutting horse programs which she supports through scholarships and is passionate about leading others to the Lord. “I strive to be a compassionate caring leader,” she said. “To be impeccable with my word, to set an example through action, and to live my God-given values. I strive to empower those around me through knowledge and education and love, to be a good listener and walk through fire for those who walk with me. I strive to preach the gospel at all times through the things I do and say and the woman I am.”


100 Carlin Road
Mansfield, Texas 76063
(817) 473-0291

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