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GEICO Insurance – Mesquite
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Victoria Elliott

GEICO Insurance – Mesquite

Victoria Elliott GEICO Dallas-Fort Worth
By Meredith Knight

Victoria Elliott still remembers the first time she set foot in a GEICO Insurance office. She’d been working in the career center at Texas Tech and given a campus tour to a GEICO manager. She obviously made a good impression because, when the tour was over, they asked, “Do you need a job?” Victoria agreed to an interview and stepping into the GEICO office, she noticed something. “The people looked like they actually liked what they were doing,” she said.

She noticed something else, too. There were women in leadership positions — a lot of them, including vice presidents and directors of sales. “This was the early 2000s and that hadn’t been the case with a lot of companies where I’d interviewed,” she said. “I felt like this was a company that would invest in me.”

Victoria’s instinct was right, and as she “climbed the GEICO ladder,” working in DC and Virginia Beach. Making her way into HR, it wasn’t long before she was asked to take on the opening of local offices nationwide. And eventually this Dallas girl made her way back home, opening her own GEICO office in Mesquite. That office has consistently ranked in the top GEICO agencies statewide.

Of course, none of us knew what was coming our way in 2020. “Nobody expected COVID,” Victoria said. “But that time helped me become better, stronger, and leaner. The insurance industry has always been about people, and the pandemic helped us all remember people are what truly matters.”

Victoria realizes nobody ever wants to have to use their home or auto insurance. “But it’s our job to make finding the right coverage seamless and to offer it at a price that fits each client’s budget,” she said. “We hope you never need it, but we want you to have peace of mind knowing you have the right coverage if you do.”

Victoria cherishes the long-term relationships she develops with her clients. That’s why it was important to her to keep the doors open throughout the pandemic. “Our clients knew they could walk into our office and we’d be there,” she said. “At the end of the day, they want — and deserve — somebody they can trust, someone who knows them and actually cares about them and their community.”

Speaking of community, Victoria and her team are passionate about supporting local schools and teachers, active military, veterans, first responders, and foster care. They were recently named the GFR Community partner of the year by GEICO. “We try to be good stewards of our money and our time and to do all we can to support those who are making a difference in our community,” she said. “I also want my team to know they are appreciated, supported, and cared for. I know the GEICO company inside-out, and it’s one of the best companies for a reason. We treat our employees and our clients the way they deserve to be treated.”


18671 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway
Suite 500
Mesquite, Texas 75150

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