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By Meredith Knight  |  Photo By Karen Gnepper Photography

When you find a career you love, you stick with it. That’s what Tisha Brandes found in the insurance industry in 1995. And even as the industry has become less personal and individualized, she has the same principles she learned almost 30 years ago, forging relationships with her clients that have lasted decades.

“I don’t know anything about auto repair, but I have a mechanic who does,” she said. “I trust him, and he keeps my car running. It’s the same for my clients. They don’t know the ins and outs of all the policy options available, but they know I have their best interest at heart, and they can trust me for the right coverage at the right price — even as their needs change.”

For them, Tisha is an Independent Insurance Agent. She is your personal insurance shopper. She and her team review client renewals to verify they have the best value based on their current needs and budget. Established in 2002, her Brandes Insurance Agency is one of the last locally owned, locally operated insurance companies in the area. “We are one of the last locally owned, old-fashioned insurance agencies that believe in relationships. I know my clients and they know me,” she said. “Although many of them have been with me more than 20 years, I never want to take that for granted. I spend time with them each year reviewing the coverage they have and making sure it’s still the best option for them.”

If there’s one message Tisha wants to get across it’s that insurance isn’t about the cheapest price but about the best policy at a fair price. “Coverage matters,” she said. “Many new clients come to us and are amazed when we show them what their current policies don’t cover. The time to find that out is not after you’re had a loss but before.” Every agent at Brandes Insurance Agency has 15 years or more in the insurance industry. They’ve been there, done that, and they know what to look for when shopping for the right coverage at the right price for each client.

“Home insurance isn’t standardized in the state of Texas,” Tisha said. “They’re all different and it can be confusing for a homeowner to try to decipher a contract that can be 70 pages long, not to mention comparing one policy of this length to another. I can’t say enough about my team. They’re trained, licensed, experienced, and focused on customer service.”

Tisha is a wife, mother of two, and active member of Gateway Church. When not on the job helping local families find the best coverage at the best price, she’s passionate about helping her friends and family make savvy choices about their health. She enjoys bowling and cheering on her kids’ sports, and she’s a passion supporter of nonprofits that care for AIDS orphans, donating to Food For The Hungry, and water wells to Uganda. Find out more at InsureHomeAuto.com


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