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Tara Romberger

Jalin Jewelers

Tara Romberger Jalin Jewelers

Tara Romberger, co-owner of Jalin Jewelers, definitively qualifies as a Leading Woman.

First and foremost, Tara is a Christian who proudly gives all glory to God and her Savior, Jesus Christ. She credits her parents with teaching her to recognize God’s workings in her life, which she attributes to bringing her together with her husband, Todd in 2017. Together, their business philosophy rests 100% percent on their faith. They see every day of having a local, family-owned business as a blessing.

The business was founded in 1991 by Todd and his dad, Jim. Tara joined in 2020 while also working full-time for Texas Instruments (TI).

“We set up my remote office at the store, and I spent the time I would have been commuting getting more involved with Jalin Jewelers,” Tara says. “It was important to persevere for ourselves and for our team, many who’ve been with us for years.”

As Tara became more involved, she became more passionate, inspired by the pride that comes from working for family rather than someone else. In 2022, she and Todd made the decision it was time for her to drop down to one job, so she left TI and devoted herself to Jalin.

Tara is a self-proclaimed Texas country girl, a devoted wife, mom to three kids, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, two horses, and her prized puppy dog, Murphy-the-Catahoula. Her Texas pride is second to none. All this only serves to underscore her success as a leading woman.


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