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Brandie Scales

At Home With Brandie

Brandie Scales At Home With Brandie

Setting the record straight, North Texas-area real estate agent Brandie Scales said, “People assume we’re multimillionaires living reality TV lives.” The NFL wife and content creator said it’s a common misconception. She’s married to Patrick Scales of the Chicago Bears, so she knows firsthand. But Brandie shares generously in her life and career, making herself an asset, especially in pro-competitor circles.

On her increasingly popular Instagram account, @athomewithbrandie, you’ll find Brandie reflecting on the joys and challenges in gameday, motherhood, and moving five times in a single year – a small feat she and her family accomplished in 2023. She also shares valuable real estate advice, including tips on purchasing first investment properties (and how to gauge potential return). For sellers, she lists features that buyers find most appealing in today’s market. Spoiler: An updated kitchen, outdoor living space, and energy efficiency comprise three of five items.

In person, Brandie shares open-handedly, suggesting an expansive quality in her approach to aiding clients. Those who wish for more acreage, she says, can build equity on land and secure funding through specialized loans, which she is happy to guide them to. For clients set on a neighborhood but unconvinced by available home options, she can also coach them on a wide-ranging view of real estate assets and how to get what they want where they least expect it. As willing to help as she is, Brandie credits success, in part, to marketing know-how, but the purpose she finds through work may stem from her childhood.

Home and Heart

In her early life, moving was routine. “My dad was in the Coast Guard, so we lived close to the ocean my whole life.” When her parents were able to buy a new house prior to the move, Brandie remembers those homes as “all we had.” As a result, Brandie understands the importance of a home for children and families, many coming from out of state. She wants to help them “feel peace, calm, and comfort while their whole world is changing.” With her empathetic views, the fifth-year agent relates deeply to the emotional motivations and journeys of home buyers and sellers.

Golden Rule

“It’s hard to find people who see you as who you are and not your job title,” said Brandie. Though currently in his 10th season with the Chicago Bears, Brandie says her husband moonlit at retail stores while he waited to make the team. She and her family know that football is not forever, so planning for their future requires savvy investment. Because of this alignment, other athletes seek her help in planning moves. “I want to be the person where they know I see them as humans, not athletes. I will always treat you fairly, work my butt off, and never cut corners in giving you the best service,” she said. With Brandie, the golden rule reigns. No exceptions.


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