Nazayat “Dr. Naz” Parvez, DDS - - Archived

Couture Dentistry
Nazayat Parvez, DDS "Dr. Naz" Couture Dentistry

Nazayat “Dr. Naz” Parvez, DDS - - Archived

Couture Dentistry

Nazayat Parvez, DDS "Dr. Naz" Couture Dentistry
By Jordan Kiefer

Nazayat Parvez, DDS, is a highly talented dentist at Couture Dentistry. Dedicated, compassionate, and accomplished, Dr. Naz is one of those people who truly loves what she does. Together with Dr. Nelson, the two have helped make Couture Dentistry a standout medical practice where patients can receive high-quality, complete dental care in one convenient location.

Her Journey

A Houston native, Dr. Naz has always been passionate about art and life sciences. Raised in a single-mom household with her sister, Dr. Naz’s mother instilled in her daughters the importance of education, community service, and its impact in their communities. Dr. Naz knew she wanted to be like her mom and work in healthcare. When she came across dentistry, she fell in love. “It was the perfect combination for everything I loved,” she explains. “To me, dentistry is science, art, and engineering – all in one. This field also allows for the rehabilitation of both oral health and patients’ self-confidence. Everything about it spoke to me, and I knew there was the potential for tremendous impact.”

“I love education and want to commit myself to a lifetime of learning for the benefit of my patients,” Dr. Naz remarks. After receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, she attended Texas A&M College of Dentistry (formerly known as Baylor College of Dentistry). Since graduating, she’s continued expanding her knowledge by completing over 300 hours of additional training. While in dental school, Dr. Naz also made several meaningful friendships, many of whom are now her patients. One of the best compliments for a doctor is when a fellow doctor trusts them with their care.

A restorative cosmetic dentist, Dr. Naz is able to implement high-quality, comprehensive care for all of her patients with additional training in full-mouth smile makeovers, veneers, clear aligners, digital dentistry, sedation, dental photography, and implants. She travels at least four times a year across the country to learn about the latest techniques, materials, and technologies to provide the best for her patients.

Fun Facts

Dr. Naz has three favorite things outside dentistry: singing, spending time with her husband and dog, and flavorful food. In college, she was in a singing group called Hum A Cappella. She still loves to sing and frequently hums while treating patients. Dr. Naz married her childhood friend, whom she has known since she was a baby. He moved away at one point, but they fell in love after meeting again in college. It was a storybook romance. Together, they now share their love by spoiling their golden retriever Skittles. Lastly, Dr. Naz loves to eat and cook for her friends and family. She is of Puerto Rican and Pakistani descent, contributing to her love for food and exploring cultures. Cooking for others is her way of spreading happiness, bringing people together, and making people’s day. You will likely find Dr. Naz at a local food hotspot when she is not at work.

Couture Dentistry

With its complete array of dental services, Couture Dentistry is an “All in One” experience. Their high-tech treatment facility, excellent customer service, and relaxing rooms provide every patient with quality care every step of the way. “We do everything in-house – a one-stop shop if you will,” Dr. Naz states. “Patients love that – once they connect with us, they don’t want to go anywhere else, and we don’t want them to. We can provide any dental service needed. Let us take care of you.”

“Trust takes a long time to build, and we pride ourselves on being personable, welcoming, and warm,” Dr. Naz declares. Like many things in life, however, trust has to be earned, and the staff at Couture Dentistry are well aware of that. Many people don’t like going to the dentist for various reasons: cost, embarrassment and shame, fear and anxiety, time, etc. “We want to change the narrative surrounding the field of dentistry and make people not as fearful of going to the dentist. We have a great opportunity to change that by treating our patients with warmth and respect. After all, you should go to the dentist every six months, so why not make it happy and positive?”

Another crucial part of the Couture Dentistry experience is the most up-to-date tools and materials they use in treatment. Technology forward – the office uses 3D X-rays, dental implants, a 3D scanner, an intraoral camera, and other technologies to help the patients visualize their specific treatment and results. The old saying is true: a picture is worth a thousand words. It makes a huge difference when patients see the dramatic results and improvements to their mouths and smile. “We make it engaging and interactive for the patients so that it’s not just a bunch of medical terminology,” Dr. Naz observes. “Little tips and tricks that help make all the difference.”

The Drive Within

All these little aspects of the job make it worthwhile for Dr. Naz. To her, cosmetic dentistry is so intriguing precisely because of how life-changing it can be for people. A person’s smile is one of the first things you notice about them, so much so that people with lovely smiles get paid and hired 20-40% more often. A wonderful smile gives a great first impression and shows that that person is self-confident and takes care of themselves. To Dr. Naz, helping people go from a self-conscious smile to one they show off all the time is everything. “After you do something with a person’s smile, they just light up. Their whole body language changes,” she remarks. “The fact that enhancing their outer self will also enhance their inner self is wild to me. Self-care is so important. People deserve to care for themselves and feel good about their self-image.”

With a passion for helping others, a specialized skill set, and the knowledge to back it up, it’s clear why people are going to Dr. Naz.


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