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DRY EYE & WELLNESS CENTER Dr. Faheem Inayatali
Dr. Faheem Inayatali

Dr. Faheem Inayatali founded the Dry Eye & Wellness Center located at 13440 University Blvd, #130, Sugar Land to provide a higher level of eye care for patients with dry eye disease. More than 49 million people in the United States suffer from dry eye disease and unfortunately most simply are prescribed artificial tears. “Eye drops are only a band aid,” said Dr. Inayatali. “Dry Eye & Wellness Center is the only stand-alone medical practice that focuses on comprehensively treating patients with dry eye.”

Upon completion of his doctorate and two master’s degrees from Rice and Harvard universities, Dr. Inayatali has invested into resources, technology, and has conducted clinical trials to ensure placement on the absolute cutting edge of dry eye disease. He was the first eye care professional in the world to adopt the IPL (intense pulsed light) Stellar device to perform advanced dry eye procedures. Dr. Inayatali has been seen in the Houston Chronicle and television’s CW-39, and has been voted Best of Houston by the Houston Press among other distinctions awarded to his practice.

According to Dr. Inayatali, one out of three adults have suffered at least some symptoms of dry eye—many times after eye surgery or after years of device screen time. At the Dry Eye & Wellness Center, a holistic treatment approach is the “secret sauce” that’s led to a success rate of around 94 percent for dramatically reducing symptoms.

“Clear vision is the result of healthy tears,” said Dr. Inayatali. “The body and eyes are linked, so it’s not a cookie cutter approach when examining and treating patients with dry eye disease. We check important underlying factors such as hormone imbalances, eyelid bacteria, inflammation, and tear quality.”

At Dry Eye & Wellness Center, they look beyond the surface of the eye to the sources where tears and oils in your eye are produced. When those are in harmony, the tears are healthy and stay on the surface of the eye for at least 10-14 seconds. When the tears are unhealthy, they only last from two to four seconds, either from lack of production or lack of vitality (watery eyes). Vision may even intermittently blur throughout the day depending on how much lubrication is staying on the eye and hovering on the cornea.

“Our goal is to make patients forget about their eyes,” said Dr. Inayatali. “For those suffering from dry eye disease, it becomes the forefront of their thoughts for years. Patients often feel like they have 10 or 15 lashes poking in their eyes at the same time, so it’s challenging to deal with daily.”

Beyond eye drops, patients at Dry Eye and Wellness Center receive a nutrition plan, sleep plan, and supplement routine to follow at home, along with the latest in-office dry treatments that allow for longevity of their healthy eyes.

“We take dry eye treatment to a whole other level by addressing all of the factors,” said Dr. Inayatali, “restoring hope and offering healing.”

Visit DryEyeAndWellness.com or call (281)800-9050 for a FREE Tear Film Analysis and to find the treatment plan for your dry eyes.


13440 University Boulevard
Suite 130
Sugar Land, Texas 77479