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D&G Credit (The Credit Cops)


Dana LaRue of D&G Credit is a leading woman in her field because she changes people’s lives every day. She primarily works with people who have experienced some kind of hardship preventing them from paying off their bills and need help ameliorating their bad credit.

“What makes D&G unique is that we hold bad-faith creditors accountable, working to protect the average consumer,” she says. D&G’s proprietary system targets erroneous accounts reporting on the client’s credit report. “We’re not credit repair. We’re credit justice,” Dana explains. “Most credit-repair companies assume their client’s identity. That’s why they want a copy of a driver’s license, Social Security card, or copies of utility bills. Sometimes they ask for bank statements because they need to assume your identity to write letters on your behalf to try to manipulate the data, instead of solving the real issue.”

At D&G, “no human hands touch the client’s file,” she says. Everything is kept private and secure. “We don’t need copies of your info. And in the first 45 days, everything is communicated through code by our system, laying the groundwork to pursue a case with a bad-faith creditor. We charge a flat fee, and most of our clients are credit-worthy within 90 days. However, we work with a client for as long as it takes to help them achieve their goal.” Most credit-repair companies charge a monthly maintenance fee, which can drag out for many years.

Most of her clients are trying to purchase a home or make other big-ticket purchases that require solid credit scores. “One of the typical issues we see among clients is this idea of old debt reappearing as new debt — what we in the business call ‘zombie debt.’ This typically happens when a junk debt buyer purchases this debt and marks the debt as new.”

This makes the collection look new and artificially lowers a credit score even more. “This is a common tactic some debt collectors use. It’s illegal, and these creditors are acting in bad faith. So, our system holds these types of creditors accountable, and it’s why we are sometimes called the credit cops.”

Dana works with her clients throughout the process of transforming their credit scores. “I feel like a superhero sometimes,” she says. “Our education and proprietary software holds creditors accountable, and we are able to really help people.”

D&G’s advanced computer program works on locating all the negative accounts and corresponding coding that have been lowering a client’s credit score. “The system uses the raw data and the guidelines of the FCRA and FDCPA to uphold the accuracy of the client’s file — light years ahead of the old-fashioned handwritten letters.” The system works nationwide.

Working with a D&G advisor, clients receive an action plan with a daily to-do list. D&G also helps clients create a plan to resolve legitimate debt. Dana says, “We show clients how to improve their credit score and educate them, so they are well-armed for their credit future.”


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