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Katelin Schebler

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Katelin Schebler is more than just the owner and founder of Culture A Day Spa —she’s a trailblazer in the beauty industry, dedicated to empowering women and fostering a positive, inclusive culture. The name “Culture” reflects Katelin’s commitment to cultivating a strong employee and guest culture. “We do things differently here, and that starts with our values,” she says. “Our goal is to ensure everyone — both team members and guests — experiences our unique culture.”

Katelin’s role is multifaceted at Culture A Day Spa, a luxury spa specializing in massage therapy, facials, body treatments, and waxing. As the owner, she handles everything from behind-the-scenes operations to hands-on customer interactions. “I’m actively involved in every aspect of my business,” she says. “From marketing and hiring to training and providing exceptional service, I wear many hats. This business means everything to me.”

What Katelin finds most fulfilling is working with her exceptional team. “I have the privilege of leading a group of passionate women who share my dedication to this industry,” she says. “I couldn’t do it
without them.”

Katelin’s journey to establishing Culture A Day Spa in 2018 was influenced by years of working in luxury day spas across different cities. “We moved often due to my husband, Jon’s, job transfers. I learned how to build a successful career from scratch in new locations,” she says. “It prepared me to launch my own business with a clear focus on providing something unique and missing from the industry.”

Balancing work and personal life with Jon, who also plays a vital role in the business, comes naturally to Katelin. The couple has been married for almost 15 years. “We complement each other perfectly,” she says. “His structured approach complements my creativity, and together, we’ve grown alongside Culture. We both love this business so much.”

This year, Katelin is especially excited about the growth happening at Culture A Day Spa. “We’re expanding our space to introduce new wellness offerings like infrared saunas, cold therapy, and salt therapy,” she says. “Our goal is to create a holistic experience that goes beyond traditional spa services.”

Outside of her work, Katelin enjoys reconnecting with nature and expanding her business knowledge through reading. “Opening Culture was a labor of love, so it’s important for me to recharge and find inspiration outside of the spa,” she says.

When asked about her favorite service, Katelin lights up. “I love all our treatments, but the Polynesian Pearl Lift Facial holds a special place in my heart,” she says. “It’s a result of months of experimentation and dedication to creating a truly exceptional experience.”

Whether you want to indulge in some well-deserved self-care or to treat a friend or loved one to a spa service, Katelin invites you to experience an environment solely focused on you. Learn more about Katelin and view specials at CultureADaySpa.com.


3266 Parkwood Boulevard
Suite 120
Frisco, Texas 75034

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