Reimagine Benefits

Best Health Insurance Agent in Memorial

Reimagine Benefits

Best Health Insurance Agent in Memorial

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In 2020, Toni Burns had just opened a business to help small companies with their marketing and event planning. Then COVID shut down day-to-day life as we knew it. No one was marketing or doing events — not even the Houston Rodeo. Toni had to reimagine her future. She had also undergone hip replacement surgery and noticed that one thing her healthcare coverage lacked was an advocate. When she talked with her husband about how to combine her past experiences into one powerful package he said, “You always find a way.” And she did. She founded Reimagine Benefits.

Reimagine Benefits offers health benefits plans for individuals, families, couples, small businesses, and sole practitioners. Toni specializes in leading clients through sometimes confusing acronyms and helping them find the specialized plan that’s right for them. One of her mottos is now “LIFE happens … Let’s make plans together!”

Toni is a certified health and life insurance agent in 32 states. The U.S. Congress regularly makes changes to healthcare laws and states then modify those changes. Toni takes great pride in the ability to educate her customers so they can compare and customize the most complete benefits package.

“I tell people how important it is to protect their future self,” Toni says. “You are your most important asset.”

Recently, an emergency doctor and single mom called Toni at 10:30 PM. Her son had broken his arm and she was trying to find an in-network facility that could care for him right away. She was not near her own hospital and frustrated that even though she was an ER doctor, she was not able to find what her child needed. Toni talked this mom through the high emotions and stress she was experiencing and helped her find just the right place to go.

While Toni can customize plans for anyone needing private healthcare coverage from ages 18 to 64, she specializes in helping those who are in transition or looking for better options. You may be changing jobs, on COBRA, or retiring. You may be ready to take the leap from a corporate job to owning your own business. You may be aging off your parents’ health plan. Or maybe your spouse is moving on to Medicare and you want to find a quality health plan like the one you are leaving behind. As a self-described “healthcare geek,” Toni can give guidance on all these choices and help you find the peace of mind you need while helping you customize a plan that allows you the flexibility to keep your doctors and hospitals and work to keep more money in your pockets.

In addition to medical insurance coverage for general needs, Toni also offers more specific supplemental options. She can help create packages that include critical illness insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and term life.

If you’re ready for some professional guidance through the complicated world of healthcare served with a warm and personal touch, contact Toni Burns at Reimagine Benefits. You’ll gain an explainer, an educator, an advocate, and a friend.

“I tell people how important it is to protect their future self. You are your most important asset.”

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