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Making You Cool and Keeping You Hot


Bart’s Heating and Air can best be summed up by their mission to “Change lives through the trades. Create smiles. Do it every day.” Their goal is to have an impact beyond simply repair and installation. These guys do what they do through fun, a forward-thinking approach, and a heart for philanthropy. 

The company is run by four partners who have a collective background in real estate and facility management. They’ve built, bought, and sold companies in the real estate and home services industries over the
last decade.

Scott Titensor is a Flower Mound native and a 2005 graduate of Flower Mound High School. He comes from a family of Flower Mound entrepreneurs.

“You may have had your teeth fixed by my cousin,” said Titensor, “or hit some balls at my dad’s driving range.” 

Titensor attended college at Brigham Young University where he met Nathan Lenahan and Ryan Smith. Jon Chasse joined the group later through a connection from Nathan’s time in the Army, and they’ve all worked together in different capacities ever since. Now they are teaming up at Bart’s to make you cooler than your high school yearbook picture.

Lenahan added, “If you want an honest and real answer for what’s wrong with your AC and how to fix it, we’re your guys. We’ll give you the same quote we’d give our grandmother.”


Bart’s intentionally creates smiles. “We want people to know we’re having fun doing what we do,” said Smith, “and to have fun with us.”

They vow to bring everything they’ve learned in their brushes with the service industries to every job along with the missing element of hospitality. They are quick to crack a joke and love to hear one. “If you tell us a dad joke,” said Lenahan, “we’ll give you $10 off your service.” When you talk to these guys, you immediately feel like you’re talking to a friend.

Forward Thinking 

Bart’s is forward thinking, cutting edge, and technologically innovative. “Someone called today before we opened,” said Chasse, “and got our voicemail that sent them to our website for scheduling. They got on the schedule for that day without talking to anyone. The ease of scheduling is because of new technology.”

The Bart’s goal is to reduce barriers, so customers have the best experience possible — no hassle, no BS.

“We meet our customers where they are,” said Smith. “If you want to text, call, or get an instant quote online, you can do whichever fits you best. We want to make communication as painless as possible.”


Bart’s gives back. They donate an entire HVAC unit every year to a deserving customer, and they educate their customers about their systems so they are more attuned to anything that might go wrong.

To learn more about how you can get cooler than the other side of the pillow, contact (940) 278-8069 or [email protected].


116430 FM 156, Suite A
Justin, Texas 76247
(940) 278-8069

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