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S2S Functional Performance Meredith Tittle, PT
Meredith Tittle, PT
BY Meredith Knight

Founder’s Story

Growing up around her mom’s private outpatient physical therapy practice, Dr. Meredith Tittle, PT saw firsthand the difference PT can make. Originally on the track to obtain her MD, she came to realize helping others restore their injuries and creating partnerships with patients — just like her mom did — was what she wanted to do with her life. Through the unique, multidisciplinary approach she’s developed at S2S Functional Performance, she’s been able to do just that for thousands of her Flower Mound neighbors. Now, the S2S Team is excited to be offering that integrated healthcare model to the residents of Collin County and beyond.

Meredith’s unique model for success began in 2004 with a simple premise. As a longtime dancer and amateur marathon runner, she wanted to help others perform their favorite activities in a manner that’s healthy, energetic, and injury free. She wanted to educate others about their own body’s capabilities as well as injury prevention — no matter their age. In addition to her impressive academic achievements and vast experience as a licensed physical therapist, Meredith completed certification in Stott Pilates. As her business grew, she hand-selected a team of licensed physical therapists, licensed occupational therapists, Pilates instructors, performance coaches, licensed professional counselors, and other like- minded administrative, fitness and healthcare professionals.

S2S Functional Performance Meredith Tittle, PT

Top Notch Facility with Board Certified Specialists

18 years ago, Sole to Soul- A Professional Pilates Studio, opened as a 200-square-foot space in Bartonville, Texas. In 2009, Meredith and her team updated the company name to S2S Functional Performance in order to better reach the breadth of the community. In 2016, they moved and grew into a 6,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art functional performance facility located in Flower Mound. In 2023, S2S Functional Performance opened a modern, spacious, performance facility in Frisco, Texas.

Within that professional footprint, Meredith and her team look at how your body, mind, and the world around you all work together to help you do everything you need to do in life as well as you can. They think about how your physical health, thoughts and feelings, and the environment you’re in all affect each other and how well you can do things like work, play, and take care of yourself. The Doctors of Physical Therapy at S2S are required to obtain a board certification. Many of the PT’s also hold additional advanced certifications expanding their knowledge into diverse categories.


“Movement is directly tied to your overall health, so when movement is limited, so is your health,” Meredith said. “When you have an injury and can’t function, it’s impactful to your soul, your relationships, your career, and your quality of life. By marrying all these professional services under one roof, we can help you reach your goals—and beyond.” It’s been a winning formula and the wide range of S2S experts are now offering services in both Collin and Denton County.

Physical Therapy that meets you where you are

“Your body is unique,” Meredith said. “We’re here to help educate and empower you to maximize its full potential. We customize the exact training plan your body needs combining physical therapy, occupational therapy, licensed professional counseling, private fitness instruction, as well as small group fitness classes. Through one-on- one attention, our goal is to make you feel valued, known, and cared for. Through safe and pivotal functional training methods, we want to educate and empower you to maximize its full potential and get back to the life you love.”

The S2S model can be spelled-out in the acronym R.E.A.C.H.


At S2S, you are known and valued. They understand your body is different from anybody else’s. If you’re working through a shoulder injury, for instance, they want to understand everything about you and how that injury is impacting your life, and then work with you to restore function and get you back to the life you love.


At S2S, they strive for excellence in whatever they do. This can be seen in the levels of higher education they’ve obtained, including master’s degrees, fitness certifications, and board certifications through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. They are a team of hardworking individuals who enjoy the growth process, always reaching for the next goal and empowering others to do the same. Their singular motivation is to be better today than they were yesterday.


The S2S team works to bring their individual successes together to accomplish a common goal. With their strong skill set, courage, and motivational environment, they’re confident in the value of bringing positive outcomes to everyone who walks through their door.


Every team member is committed to their cause, committed to each other, and committed to you and your performance goals. They’re committed to seeing you reach those goals. The S2S team has an open arms mentality, years of expertise, and the philosophy, “You’ve come to the right place, and we’ll help you get to the physical place that you deserve to be.”


At S2S, they honor each other as a team, honor their community, and honor and respect their patients and clients no matter their walk of life. They honor each other’s thoughts and commitments. At S2S, nobody stands alone.

“We’re excited about our Collin County location,” Meredith said. “After years of enhancing our systems and environment, our team has designed a cutting-edge 7,000-square-foot performance facility in a brand new professional medical condo in Frisco. S2S offers physical and occupational therapy, fitness, including over 60 group classes a week and mental performance consulting Monday through Saturday.

“The potential given to the human body is astounding,” Meredith said. “It’s a blessing to work with individuals to improve the structure and function of their bodies, so they’re equipped to accomplish whatever they’ve set out to achieve. Helping them reach beyond their goals is what we’re all about.”

S2S Functional Performance Meredith Tittle, PT

The S2S Functional Performance Difference

Unique Systems and Philosophy

Meredith and her team have developed unique programs unlike any in the world that can help you gain the movement your body longs for. At S2S, you’ll find a resource for all things related to movement that will empower you to live healthy, energetic, and injury-free.

Programs for All Your Aches, Pains, Strains, and Sprains

The S2S team will develop a one-of-a-kind plan just for you. They take a unique approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention and guarantee a personalized approach you’ve never experienced before.

Fitness Transition Into Small, Personalized Classes

Patients at S2S will instantly feel a part of the S2S Family. Their goal is to create a positive movement experience for you and help you to enjoy that for a lifetime. Therapists assist patients to become independent and then have the ability to participate in a full-service fitness membership, all under one roof.

A recent patient in the Frisco location states:

“The staff is kind & caring. My physical therapist knows my condition well and that is hard to find. She is compassionate and challenging. I enjoy coming to physical therapy and want to continue on with classes once I am able. I have heard staff praise the leadership of S2S and it shows in the work they do.”

– Jennifer


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