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Larissa Rolim, DPM, MS, DABPM, FACPM

As someone prone to injury, the podiatrist Dr. Larissa Rolim approaches her practice with a profound empathy for her patients. She and her husband, podiatrist Dr. Masoud Moradi, established Maverick Foot and Ankle Specialists, a clinic with the philosophy of “treating our patients like we’re treating our family members,” said Dr. Rolim. Drs. Rolim and Moradi are each board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and both are multilingual, speaking seven different languages between them. Both doctors address all aspects of foot and ankle issues, and their primary motivation lies in amputation prevention, and consequently, saving lives. It’s just that Dr. Rolim knows the throbbing pain of broken bones.

“I have a no-wooden-bed policy at the house because I stub my toes so often,” she said. Having broken two toes on furniture in her home and a foot playing softball on the podiatry team during her residency, Dr. Rolim understands how patients feel when they’re confined to a walking boot for several weeks. Alongside Dr. Moradi’s experience with sport injuries as a young soccer player, the couple are an empathetic team.

Dr. Larissa Rolim

Specializing in limb preservation, Dr. Rolim’s focus lies in diabetic limb salvage and wound care. She emphasizes the critical importance of specialized care for high-risk patients, recognizing that proper treatment can be a decisive factor in preserving both limbs and lives. “Statistically, someone with a below-knee amputation has a five-year survival rate that is worse than most cancers,” she said. Dr. Rolim believes in a comprehensive approach to patient management, including education, preventive measures, close collaboration with endocrinologists and primary care physicians, meticulous attention to footwear, and tailored orthotic prescriptions to alleviate pressure points and prevent ulcers. Luckily, specialized shoes for diabetic patients look nothing like your grandmother’s shoes. Modern designs like plain sneakers arrive in patient-chosen colors, whether that’s electric pink, muted tan, or anything in between, with in-office scans aiding the customization process.

Dr. Masoud Moradi

A lifetime soccer player, Dr. Moradi completed his first fellowship in sports medicine with the podiatrist to the NBA’s Miami Heat in their 2012 to 2013 winning season. Dr. Moradi also completed a second fellowship in limb salvage after meeting his wife at Barry University’s School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Miami, Florida. When work took the doctor to Texas, Dr. Rolim followed soon after.

Dr. Moradi’s patients help decide on the best route to a quick, efficient return to activity, no matter their injury. Notably, his utilization of cutting-edge surgical technology enables same-day weight-bearing for individuals undergoing bunion correction procedures.

Offering expert care from trained, experienced doctors, as well as convenient, modern offices in South Irving and Medical City Las Colinas, Maverick Foot and Ankle Specialists welcome all patients seeking support for healing and relief from pain.


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