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Gomer Hearing Center Rebecca Gomer, AuD
Rebecca Gomer, AuD
BY Melissa Gautier | photo by Lee Ann Baker/LABphotography

Struggling to hear what friends and loved ones are saying is confusing and frustrating. Dr. Rebecca Gomer’s ardent focus is helping others find appropriate treatment for their hearing needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the rehabilitative audiology field, Dr. Gomer’s strong commitment to serving others is proven by her dedication to finding ideal hearing solutions for her patients. She specializes in comprehensive hearing evaluations for children and adults, as well as hearing instrument fittings. Services include hearing tests, hearing aid fitting, testing, and repair, hearing aid batteries, and cochlear implants.

Passionate about being at the forefront of technology, Dr. Gomer’s continuing education in the audiology field has allowed her practice to evolve with the latest innovations. She ensures new technology is confirmed and backed by science, implementing standardized hearing testing as well as Real Ear Measurement (REM) equipment to her practice. REM is used to verify hearing aid performance while it’s placed in the ear canal. Extremely important to hearing aid function, it was the first piece of equipment Dr. Gomer purchased when starting her practice.

Gomer Hearing Center has two offices, located in Allen and Richardson, that serve the North Texas area. Their entire team of professionals deliver the very best in hearing support and provision, working closely with top local ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians. Her well-trained staff of experts are licensed and certified in audiology and skilled at performing thorough and precise diagnostic examinations.

“Our meticulous hearing testing process will accurately diagnose your level of hearing loss,” Dr. Gomer stated, allowing her to recommend the best solutions to increase hearing ability. She ensures hearing devices are properly fitted and programmed to suit a patient’s level of hearing loss. The goal is to hear with maximum clarity, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

“Your relationship with us continues well beyond the time of your initial fitting,” she explained. “Our personalized service and excellent follow-up care include ongoing office visits and complimentary ’clean and check’ services to make sure hearing devices are operating like new.”

Dr. Gomer received her Master of Science in audiology from The Health Sciences Center at the University of Oklahoma in 1998. She earned her Doctor of Audiology from A.T. Still University of Health Sciences. She’s a licensed audiologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. Additionally, she’s a founding and lifetime member of the Texas Academy of Audiology, and a founding member of the Dallas Audiology Society.

Dr. Gomer was honored to be featured in Living’s 2022 Leading Women issue in the North Texas edition. She and her practice were also featured in Living’s 2022 Top Docs issue.

Dr. Gomer’s husband, Tom, is the CFO and director of operations at Gomer Hearing Center. They enjoy traveling together to adventurous locations including China and Ireland. Currently, their only child living at home is a border collie mix named Lucy.


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