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Buchanan Orthodontics Jennifer Buchanan, DDS
Jennifer Buchanan, DDS
BY Meredith Knight | photo by Scott Peek Photography

Are you the tooth fairy?”

It’s a question Dr. Jennifer Buchanan has heard more than once as she visits elementary schools to conduct dental-health presentations. She even sometimes dons a tooth-fairy costume for these special occasions, a big hit with the kids.

Dr. Buchanan began her college years pursuing a degree in secondary education concentrating in science, even as she felt a pull toward dental school. “I love the days I can spend with the kids teaching them about proper brushing — twice a day for two minutes — but even when brushing and flossing are done diligently, if teeth are crowded, it can be hard to keep them clean.”

With the links between bacteria in the mouth and chronic diseases throughout the body, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, Dr. Buchanan wants kids to establish healthy habits now that will last a lifetime. “I tell them, ‘If someone is buying a horse, they look at their teeth first to see how healthy they are’,” she said. “A healthy mouth promotes overall health.”

Age seven is the best time for kids to be evaluated by an orthodontist to see whether braces can help align their teeth and help them maintain good health. “This is when they start getting their permanent teeth,” Dr. Buchanan said. “We want to ensure their jaw and teeth are growing properly. And starting treatment now can help us avoid costly or invasive treatments down the road.”

Dr. Buchanan herself had braces at a time when tooth extractions, palate expanders, headgear — even surgery — were common practice in orthodontics. Happily, with her use of the latest technology, those days are gone. “With Insignia Custom Braces technology, brackets are 100% customized and calculated to affect gentle tooth movement, in the most optimal way,” Dr. Buchanan said. “Because they are, we can often achieve the desired results with fewer and shorter office visits and without expanders, headgear, surgery, or extractions.”

Not all Dr. Buchanan’s patients are kids. In fact, about half are teenagers or adults, some in their 70s and 80s. For them, Spark ClearTooth Aligners can discretely align their teeth. They’re comfortable, BPA-free, mercury-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free. “And they’re made of stronger material which allows us to move teeth faster,” Dr. Buchanan said.

In addition to offering her patients healthy, functional — and gorgeous — smiles, Dr. Buchanan can also treat sleep apnea, snoring, and even restore a youthful appearance by aligning teeth. “If the cause of sleep apnea is misaligned teeth, braces and aligners effectively move your teeth to the correct position and open up airways so you can breathe better at night,” she said. “When you sleep better, your overall health improves. Many children have been misdiagnosed with ADHD, when their problem is actually lack of sleep. I love helping people at any age to have a better, healthier life.”

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