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People are living longer, with those over age 100 projected to quadruple over the next 30 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Why is this happening, and how can you live healthier longer? Better health as you age can often be attributed to regular attention to three main areas of health: physical, mental, and social — each of which brings unique challenges for older adults. Legacy Senior Primary Care is committed to ensuring the later years are as healthy and full as possible for every patient.

“Legacy Senior Primary Care was designed to address the physical, mental, and social needs of older adults,” explained Senior Director of Regional Operations Chinelo Nweke. “Our clinics follow a model of care that ensures every aspect of our patients’ health is looked after. This is what sets us apart.”

Legacy Senior Primary Care

Prioritize Preventive Care and Physical Wellness

Regular checkups are encouraged for all ages, but they are especially vital for seniors. “When patients regularly attend their Medicare annual wellness visits, we can catch potential problems early and prevent or delay onset of diseases or other complications,” said Dr. Joanna Ira, Legacy geriatrician. But around 75% of older adults skip these recommended appointments, according to the AARP, often not realizing how important preventive care is to health quality and longevity.

Those who are on Medicare are eligible for a free Medicare annual wellness visit every year. During the visit, your healthcare provider will review your medical and family history and any medications you are taking. The visit also includes vital signs measurements and health screenings (e.g., cognitive function, mental health). A longer appointment time allows plenty of time to address patient questions and concerns and to create a personalized healthcare strategy.

Beyond Medicare annual wellness visits, maintaining optimal physical health as you age also includes a healthy diet and routine exercise. However, changes during the aging process may present challenges. For example, taste buds and appetites change, and medications can affect appetite as well. The Legacy team also includes nutritionists who can meet with patients to provide tips to address dietary needs.

“We see the whole person and look at all aspects of a patient’s health, from nutrition and fitness to medication adherence, behavioral health and social services,” said Certified Nurse Practitioner Carmen Chen. “With clinicians specializing in each of those areas, our care team provides one-stop access to all primary care needs, including onsite labs and vaccines.”

Seek Support for Mental Health

The mental health needs of older adults go hand in hand with physical healthcare needs, and Legacy’s Behavioral Health team works together to identify and treat problems rather than symptoms. Sleep troubles or cognitive impairments, for example, may indicate an undiagnosed mental health condition like depression, anxiety, or a memory loss condition.

“For patients presenting with any cognitive impairments or concerns with sleep or memory loss, I look at the whole picture to identify any potential issues that may be contributing to decreased well-being,” said Dr. Alexandra Sibley, fellowship-trained geriatric psychiatrist. This includes factors like home life, environment, chronic conditions, and medications. “Then I partner with my patients to create a treatment plan that is consistent with their values and goals so they can begin to thrive again.”

Legacy Senior Primary Care

Invest in Social Wellness

Of course, even when physical and mental healthcare needs are met, social wellness may need to be addressed. Legacy meets that need as well, providing a geriatric social worker who can connect patients with access to food, utility assistance, and disability resources. Social activities and educational classes are also offered free to patients and the community at several Senior Primary Care clinics. Monthly activities include holiday parties, cooking classes, Alzheimer’s support for patients and caregivers, and vaccine and health screening events. “These events provide an opportunity for seniors to socialize and have some fun while also learning something new,” Nweke said.

A Legacy of Caring for Seniors

“Legacy Senior Primary Care team members have one common goal: to ensure our patients are living their healthiest, fullest lives,” said Nweke. That goal becomes clear the moment you step through the door at one of the five Legacy Senior Primary Care clinics, two of which are in Fort Bend County. “Our clinics in Stafford and Missouri City are designed with seniors in mind,” Nweke explained. “This includes wide hallways with handrails, large print signage, comfortable exam chairs and accessible doorways, bathrooms and scales.”

Legacy Senior Primary Care

“Seniors are seeking personalized healthcare, and that’s what we provide,” Dr. Ira said. “We spend time with our patients, getting to know them and building relationships. We are deeply invested in helping our patients live their best lives at every age.”

“We see the whole person and look at all aspects of a patient’s health, from nutrition and fitness to medication adherence, behavioral health and social services. With clinicians specializing in each of those areas, our care team provides one-stop access to all primary care needs, including onsite labs and vaccines.”

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