Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe

Advanced maternity and childbirth services for expectant parents right here in Rowlett
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe
Meagan Hicks, BSN, RN, C-EFM, Jamie Hambrick, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Aimee Pratt, BSN, RNC-NIC, Casey Lott, BSN, RN
Photos by Dallas McNeal Photography

At Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe, the sound of Brahms Lullaby playing over the sound system signifies a special moment – the welcoming of a new, precious life into the world. This sweet gesture is part of Women’s Services’ efforts to pamper and celebrate both the new parents and babies under their care. It’s a beautiful way to mark the beginning of a journey filled with love, care, and joy. So, if you find yourself in the hospital and hear this soothing melody, take a moment to appreciate the magic of new beginnings and the circle of life.

Since 2020, Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe has been recognized as a Level III facility for maternal and neonatal care, highlighting its commitment to delivering advanced high-risk care for expectant mothers and newborns.

During the labor process, it is crucial to establish trusting relationships with patients and their families to create a supportive and personalized birth experience. By tailoring the care to meet each family’s unique needs, the objective is to assist in welcoming the newborn into the world while equipping the family with the knowledge and support required for a smooth transition home. This approach helps families feel empowered and well-prepared for the journey ahead, fostering a positive and nurturing environment for both the parents and the newborn.

Meagan Hicks, BSN, RN, C-EFM, manager of Labor & Delivery said, “We want to create a comfortable, family-centered environment for expectant parents by helping both the parents and their support system feel at home. We believe this approach acknowledges the value of involving loved ones in the childbirth journey, fostering a sense of support and togetherness during this special time.”

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe

And then there’s the pampering

“Within Women’s Services, there are sub-departments – Labor & Delivery, Antepartum, New Family Unit, and NICU. Each department has distinct roles, but we collaborate closely towards a shared objective,” said Casey Lott, BSN, RN, manager of the New Family Unit. “This common goal revolves around offering a personalized experience to patients while providing quality care and innovation. Working together seamlessly supports each stage of a woman’s journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood with expertise and compassion.”

When new families leave the hospital, they receive thoughtful gestures such as a free evening meal to welcome them home that first day or night. In the NICU, babies are given a Wizard of Oz-themed discharge sheet detailing their milestones, a graduation board marking their progress, and keepsakes like holiday footprints. Recently, all babies born on Leap Day were celebrated with a visit from the hospital’s president dressed as the beloved Leap Frog character. These offerings make families feel supported and cherished during their journey.

“From the minute I walked through the door until the moment I held my newborn in my arms, I received fantastic care and support. The medical team made sure I was informed and included in every step of the procedure.”

The Women’s Services nursing staff pride themselves on their remarkable care, with many members holding certifications in their respective specialties. “As a Level III Maternal and NICU designated facility, Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe offers quality advanced care, providing both patients and their families the support they need,” said NICU Nurse Manager Aimee Pratt, BSN, RNC-NIC. “This commitment to excellence not only benefits high-risk patients by providing essential care within the community but also fosters a sense of belonging, making everyone feel part of the Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe family.”

Additionally, the Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe Women’s Services department offers access to maternal fetal medicine (MFM) physicians who specialize in caring for expectant mothers with high-risk needs. Collaborating with obstetricians, these MFM physicians help develop tailored care plans to address any medical complications that may arise during pregnancy. Their expertise and support help achieve a quality outcome for both the mother and the baby, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive care and specialized attention during this critical time

Any member of this team would undoubtedly convey helping families successfully navigate through pregnancy and childbirth is their greatest honor. And that’s most likely why patients frequently stay connected with their Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe care team.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe

Quality Care Right Here in Rowlett

“Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe has expanded its services to include advanced maternity and childbirth services, reflecting its commitment to meeting the needs of the community,” said Jamie Hambrick, MSN, RN, NE-BC, director of Women’s Services. “This includes always having OB physicians available so that in the event of an emergency, prompt and expert care can be provided to patients even before the primary OB arrives. This level of preparedness and readiness can make a significant difference in critical situations, potentially saving lives and supporting the well-being of both the mother and baby. By offering quality care close to home, in Rowlett, Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe prioritizes the well-being and comfort of the community members we serve.” Find out more at BSWHealth.com/YourMomentLakePointe.

This is your home.
This is your community.
This is your hospital.

Physicians provide clinical services as members of the medical staff at one of Baylor Scott & White Health’s subsidiary, community or affiliated medical centers and do not provide clinical services as employees or agents of Baylor Scott & White Health or those medical centers.


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