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Comprehensive and Integrative Wellness Dentistry with Dr. Sheth

Luxe Dental Arts Creating Beautiful Smiles from the Inside

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At first glance, Luxe
Dental Arts may seem like your typical dental
However, looks can be deceiving. For more
than five years, Dr. Karishma Sheth has done so much more than comprehensive
treatment for teeth and gums in patients of all ages in the Sugar Land area.

She lives up
to her practice’s trademarked motto: “We create beautiful smiles from
the inside out.” This surprisingly simple motto carries quite a bit of weight
and distinguishes her as a dentist who looks beyond your mouth, sees you as a
whole person, and treats to improve your overall


Caring for
the Whole Body Through the Mouth

Believe it
or not, various areas in your body affect others. A problem in the mouth can
lead to systemic issues elsewhere, and vice versa. As a certified biological
dentist, Dr. Sheth has extensive training to identify these relationships and
help patients achieve their best health.

For instance, a brand-new patient, who hadn’t
seen the dentist since he was 15, was experiencing advanced arthritis
symptoms at only age 40. It turns out he also had severe gum disease. Using her
specialized microscope, Dr. Sheth tested the patient’s saliva and found
bacteria that contribute to this autoimmune disease. Working with the
patient’s primary care physician, she prescribed a bacterial reduction
therapy which led to significant improvement in the patient’s arthritis
symptoms, quality of life, and the overall health of his teeth and

Sleep is
another area you might not expect a dentist to help with, but Dr. Sheth does.
She mentions, “A male patient in his mid 40’s had high blood pressure, was
overweight, and had a narrow airway. “Working with the patient’s primary care
physician, she prescribed a bacterial reduction therapy which led to significant
improvement in the patient’s arthritis symptoms, quality of life, and the
overall health of his teeth and gums.”

She adds, “I
collaborate with a network of like-minded specialists for the total care of
my patients.”

Luxe Dental Arts Creating Beautiful Smiles from the Inside
(L-R) Patient
Experience Specialist Jael Vazquez and Board Certified Biological Dentist Dr.
Karishma Sheth

Cutting-Edge Technologies Every Day

Unfortunately, misconceptions about holistic health
and dentistry circulate. For Dr. Sheth, technology plays a major role in
state-of-the-art treatment. In fact, she has equipped the practice with a
truly astounding list of innovative devices.

In addition to planning dental implant
treatment, she uses her CBCT scanner, which creates a detailed 3D model of
oral structures, to measure the volume of the airway, examine the jaw joint,
check on infections, and more.

She also
incorporates the use of an ozone machine, which has antibacterial, antiviral,
and antifungal properties, which she applies after wisdom tooth extractions
or dental implant placement and in diseased gum pockets. Also, she uses less
invasive methods through a soft tissue laser, digital impressions system, and
other impressive technologies.

Out Beautiful Smiles

In addition to improving her patients’
overall health, Dr. Sheth helps patients feel more self-confident by
beautifying their smiles with aesthetic procedures. For cosmetic dentistry,
Dr. Sheth utilizes Digital Smile Design, a program that shows a preview of
what your smile will look like before making it a reality. She says,
“Patients get to ‘test drive’ their smile and get a clearer idea of what to
expect.” That way, they go into treatment already knowing they’ll love the

Out a Passion for Wellness and Happiness

As a child, Dr. Sheth had a sweet tooth and
visited the dentist fairly frequently — so often it felt like her second
home. Inspired by her dentist and her parents in the medical field, she
pursued dentistry, which perfectly blends her passion for art and

When she moved from Kenya to the United
States, she unfortunately struggled with processed foods, weight gain, and
joint pain. She eventually changed her life by removing toxicity from her
diet and environment.

As a
dentist, when the pandemic hit, she used her unexpected “time off” to take
coursework integrating holistic health and dentistry and to become certified
in this specialty. “I would never go back to ‘typical’ dentistry.’ I truly
love what I do and have seen the powerful impact it has had in my own life,
as well as the health of my patients.”

Luxe Dental Arts Creating Beautiful Smiles from the Inside
Dr. Karishma Sheth
with husband Dr. Purnal Patel and their daughters Siyaa and

Leading by

Dr. Sheth doesn’t just talk the talk — she lives a holistically healthy
lifestyle. In fact, everyone in her family is onboard with clean living,
including her husband, who is an anesthesiologist, and their two daughters.

She cooks fresh, homemade meals for her
family every day, and her children willingly bring home any candy they
receive for her to screen first. “In my home, there are no processed foods,
no foil, no chemicals that could harm my family. I practice what I preach,”
she says, “and I work hard to give them a foundation of

In this way, Dr. Sheth takes something near
and dear to her heart in taking care of her own family and shares it with

Providing a
Spa for the Mouth

As the practice name suggests, Luxe Dental
Arts adds a large dose of luxury to dental visits. Even regular cleanings are
not routine. Guided biofilm therapy helps direct cleaning efforts to areas
that need it most, resulting in a more thorough, refreshing clean along with
minimal tooth sensitivity with

controlled warm water. For those who are anxious, she provides nitrous
oxide (laughing gas) and IV sedation for a more comfortable

Extra amenities, such as aromatherapy,
weighted blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, and sound therapy, make Luxe
Dental Arts appointments feel more like a relaxing and rejuvenating visit to
the spa — instead of the dentist.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a dentist
who goes above and beyond, you can rest assured that Dr. Sheth at Luxe Dental
Arts has your health, wellness, and happiness as her primary

Luxe Dental Arts Creating Beautiful Smiles from the Inside
“I truly love what
I do. I have seen the powerful impact Holistic Dentistry has had in my own
life, as well as improving the health of my patients.”

Karishma Sheth’s Qualifications:

  • 17 years
    of dentistry experience
  • Over 2,500
    hours of continuing education coursework
  • Fellow of
    the Academy of General Dentistry
  • Fellow of
    the International
    Congress of
    Oral Implantologists
  • Certified
    in biologic dentistry


University Boulevard

Suite 500

Sugar Land, Texas 77479



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