Where Gorgeous Smiles Begin | A Day in the Life of an Orthodontic Practice

Hildebrand Orthodontics Jed Hildebrand DDS, MSD and Lena Bortnem,

“A beautiful, healthy smile translates into happiness,
invites communication, and opens the door to success and fulfillment. My goal
is to provide my patients with exceptional treatment and service delivered
with genuine warmth and professionalism. I value your trust and will do
everything in my power to continue to earn

– Dr. Lena

By Meredith
| Photos by Lauren

It’s a normal day at Hildebrand
Orthodontics, and the place is hopping.
The sun-filled,
beach-themed office is filled with the happy sounds of patients chatting with
their favorite orthodontic team. Drs. Jed Hildebrand and Lena Bortnem move
from chair-to-chair greeting patients and their parents by name as they catch
up on school activities, sports team records, and who’s planting what in
their gardens this year as they provide highly personalized and tailored
orthodontic treatment.

Those patients aren’t all kids either. In
fact, about half of Hildebrand Orthodontics patients are adults. Some saw the
results their child received from orthodontic treatment and realized what it
could do for them. Others never had braces, or had them and experienced some
minor shifting they’d like to have corrected. There’s something for everyone
at this hometown practice. Unlike “big-box” orthodontic practices, patients
see Dr. Jed or Dr. Lena at every visit.

Hildebrand Orthodontics Jed Hildebrand DDS, MSD and Lena Bortnem,

For more than 40 years, Arlington has trusted
Hildebrand Orthodontics as the expert in smiles and as the go-to place for
the latest in orthodontic care in a fun, friendly environment. As a leader in
the industry, Dr. Jed has pioneered much of the new technology that
straightens teeth faster, simpler, and more discretely than ever before. “You
can straighten your teeth, often in about a year, and nobody has to know
you’re in treatment,” he said.

Clear Tooth

Invisalign clear tooth aligners can treat a
wide range of misalignment conditions including crossbites, crowding, open
bites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites,” Dr. Lena informs. “You can
take your aligners out when you eat or for special occasions and, because
they’re clear, most people won’t even know you’re wearing them.” And thanks
to next-generation digital scanning, you can see how your new smile will look
before treatment even begins. Every treatment plan is tailored to the
patient’s exact anatomy for the best outcome and stable results, all at
affordable family prices.

Orthodontic Science

Hildebrand Orthodontics also offers the
latest, cutting-edge technology in high-tech flexible wires which respond to
the temperature of the mouth to straighten teeth faster than ever before and
with far less discomfort to patients. “No more tightening of braces and no
more bands on back teeth,” Dr. Hildebrand said. “That means far less risk of
cavities. We’re also using the new mini braces, the smallest braces on the
market—50% smaller than traditional braces—that decrease treatment time by
six months.”

Hildebrand OrthodonticsJed Hildebrand DDS, MSD and Lena Bortnem,
Lena Bortnem,

Meet Dr.

Graduating summa cum laude, Dr. Lena Bortnem
received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in chemistry from
Chapman University in May of 2014. She received her Doctorate of Dental
Surgery from the University of Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry where she
ranked number 11 in her class of 152. As a peer-tutor, she took pride in
creating presentations and lecturing students in dental anatomy, physiology,
pre-clinical techniques and more. Dr. Lena completed her residency and earned
her Master’s in Dentistry from Oregon Health & Sciences University.
In 2019, she passed the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certification
and currently is a diplomat of the board (who’s duty is to uphold the highest
standard of care for the orthodontic specialty for the purpose of protecting
the public). Following her completion of residency, she led multiple
orthodontic teams in Northern California, providing beautiful functional
smiles to her patients. Her substantial experience and insatiable appetite
for knowledge and growth, make her a perfect fit for the culture at Hildebrand

“A beautiful, healthy smile translates into
happiness, invites communication, and opens the door to success and
fulfillment,” Dr. Lena said. “My goal is to provide my patients with
exceptional treatment and service delivered with genuine warmth and
professionalism. I value your trust and will do everything in my power to
continue to earn it.”

Dr. Lena’s devotion to giving back and making
a difference has kept her involved in charity organizations. Hands4Hope
Organization was where her passion began and where she has lead youth in
outreaches benefiting senior citizens, homeless, military, and low-income
populations in the Sacramento and Placerville areas. She has aided in dental
treatments and provided prevention education to 200+ people with the Global
Medical Training Organization in Nicaragua. During her Great Shape 1000
Smiles Dental Mission trip in Jamaica, Dr. Lena provided cleanings, fillings,
extractions, and more to the underserved population. She has also volunteered
multiple times at CDA Cares which is a volunteer-powered event providing
dental services at no charge to individuals in need.

When she isn’t caring for patients or doing
charity work you can find her working out, exploring new places with her
family, or catching up on a Netflix series with her husband, who is also an

Hildebrand Orthodontics Jed Hildebrand DDS, MSD and Lena Bortnem,
Hildebrand, DDS, MSD

Meet Dr.

Jed Hildebrand grew up in the
Dallas/Arlington area and now raises his own children there, even treating
them with braces and Invisalign at ages seven and nine. Dr. Jed loves
chatting with his patients about whatever they’re passionate about
reminiscent of his own orthodontist taking an interest in his sports. (He won
state championships in both football and soccer his senior year of high
school.) Having also played soccer for Baylor University, while working on
his Bachelor of Science in biology, he understands the importance of teamwork
in sports—and in his practice. He enjoys speaking at churches about his
experience as a contestant on “Survivor” on CBS imparting lessons such as
“love your neighbor as yourself” and “be true to yourself and kind to

Dr. Hildebrand enjoys participating in Christian
dental missionary work in Mexico and has served in dental clinics in
Cambodia, India, and Thailand and soon in impoverished parts of Jamaica on a
dental mission trip with 10 fellow dentists in his MB2 dental group. “The
gratitude and thankfulness on patients’ faces brings me more peace and joy
than any other experience in the world”.

Dr. Jed received his Doctorate of Dental
Surgery from Texas A&M College of Dentistry and completed a two-and-a-half-year
orthodontic residency program to become a specialist in orthodontics with a
Masters in Science. Dr. Jed and his wife, fellow dentist, Dr. Kim Hildebrand,
enjoy life with son, Kai, and daughter, Liv. He enjoys motorcycling,
wakeboarding, surfing, and soccer, cheering Kai’s lacrosse travel team, and
watching Liv cheer. Both kids have completed a Phase 1 of orthodontic care to
create room for their permanent teeth in keeping with the philosophy of
treating problems earlier to achieve a better, more esthetic smile that lasts
a lifetime. Hildebrand Orthodontics sees kids starting at age six for a free
initial consultations.


Interstate 20 West

Suite 100

Arlington, Texas 76017

(682) 622-8936


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