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Best Dermatologist in Cy-Fair

Cypress Dermatology

Best Dermatologist in Cy-Fair

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“It’s not the laser. It’s who’s operating it,” said Dr. Lauren Campbell, dermatologist and medical director of Cypress Dermatology. “I’m not letting anyone touch me with a laser if it’s not a board-certified dermatologist,” she said.

Though she considers hair removal by laser mostly benign, she said that when it comes to resurfacing skin or other laser procedures, lasers are the most powerful – and dangerous – tools in the office. She recommends carefully reviewing the credentials of anyone who will be performing a laser procedure on you. Many medical spas are staffed by non-physicians or physicians in a non-dermatological specialty – actual treatment providers are rarely physicians. Knowledge and skills in these types of clinicians can be variable, and patients should be selective in who is doing their esthetic procedures. If complications arise, it is important that the person performing the procedure is an expert in managing complications. Being experts in performing and managing complications of any non-invasive aesthetic procedure is one of the many things that sets board-certified dermatologists like those at Cypress Dermatology apart. Every one of the practice’s five doctors is a board-certified dermatologist who can handle any kind of urgent dermatological or aesthetic issue.

Specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Campbell founded and opened Cypress Dermatology in February 2017 after practicing in the area since 2010. Raised in Cypress, for Dr. Campbell the community and patient connections run deep.

Dr. Campbell loves her work and most of all her patients, and she has always had a special connection with them. “Clinic is like high-speed therapy for me,” said Dr. Campbell. Often with patients for only 15-20 minutes, personal stories and connections still flow easily. “My staff always says they learn more about me during clinic in the room with patients than any other time.” Many of her patients have been seeing her for more than a decade.

Beyond cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology is foundational for the practice. Cypress Dermatology also has a research wing – where Dr. Campbell supervises clinical studies – and a surgical wing as well.

For skin cancer or cyst removal patients will be awake but comfortable, since surgery is done with local anesthesia. Specializing in Mohs surgery, the gold standard for non-melanoma skin cancer removal, Dr. Jennifer Hau is able to check the margins of removed skin to verify that a cancerous mass is completely excised. Using this technique designed for the face, Dr. Hau removes more skin at the site’s margins if margins are not clear.

In December, Cypress Dermatology will double its clinical space with a relocation to a new building at 14930 Mueschke Road. “My husband, Amil Yacoob, passed away earlier this year. He helped me design this building and this practice, so it’s like completing what that we worked on together. I’m sad he didn’t get to see this, but I know he would be proud of me and the staff, and of how amazing everything has turned out.”

“Clinic is like high-speed therapy for me. My staff always says they learn more about me during clinic in the room with patients than any other time.”

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