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Monarch Beauty and Spa


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By Sandy Lowe | Photo by Lee Ann

Adrianna Villarreal grew up in the
Allen area in a middle-class family without much money for
Although she became a mom at fifteen and divorced at
twenty-one, she worked hard, went to college, and saved hard to start her first
business, Medical Practice Solutions. She serves doctors, medical practices,
and healthcare entities, managing the business side of their

As she became
a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Adrianna began treating
herself to “luxuries” such as facials at various spas and salons. What she
experienced fired her creativity. However, she was disturbed by the
aggressive upselling she saw. She believed the pressure to upsell without
educating the clients and managing their expectations constantly was out of
control. So, she set out to change her corner of the world by starting with
Flirty Girl Lash Studio as the first venture into beauty services.

Her two Flirty Girl locations are now
becoming Monarch Beauty and Med Spa. Monarch provides a variety of beauty
treatments, including facials, lash extensions, laser hair removal,
injectables, and skin rejuvenation.

She explains the new name this way: “I
believe a butterfly represents so many seasons of our lives where we change.
Like a butterfly, you come out different and evolve. We want our clients to
leave feeling different, better, confident, educated, and

wanted to provide “Golden Rule” care to her clients, treating them the way
she wanted to be treated. She also wanted to support her staff with respect
and opportunities to further
their careers. She considers them partners
rather than employees, learning
their names, family situations, hopes, and dreams. One of her interview
questions is often, “If money were not an object, what would you be?” And she
wanted to give back to her community.

philosophy of beauty services rests on a desire to enhance natural beauty.
She trains her staff to listen to the client closely, delivering
outstanding service while
prioritizing the

client’s welfare.

Recently a client requested lash extensions,
and the staff member determined her lash line was not strong enough to
support them. The client was disappointed, but Adrianna explained that they
wanted to take care of her lashes, not destroy them, to make a

Adrianna pays forward the help she received
as a single mom by giving back to her community. As a single parent, she used
Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano. She commends them for treating her with
respect and dignity. She and her staff visit three times a year to

She also
supports Genesis Women’s Shelter,
donating clothes for women
returning to the job market, making educational presentations to help them
succeed, and volunteering onsite several times a year.

These two
organizations, plus Samaritan
receive 5% of the annual profits from all of

While Adrianna works hard to build
businesses, she works equally hard to build relationships with her staff and
clients to create places where trust and loyalty thrive.

We look
forward to seeing you at Monarch Beauty.


845 West
Stacy Road, Suite 165

Allen, Texas 75013



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