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BY Meredith Knight  Photos By Lee Ann Baker | Labphotography


Nicole was at the top of her game playing NCAA Division II collegiate soccer. These were the years she’d remember for the rest of her life. Then, things came to a screeching halt. 

“I started feeling like my calves were on fire whenever I tried to run or do any type of workout, to the point that I couldn’t flex my feet after exerting myself,” she said. “I couldn’t get any answers from my trainers as to what it might be. I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS) and was told there wasn’t much I could do and that my best option was to quit soccer and only exercise moderately.”


After following doctor’s orders for several years as well as trying some alternative treatments, Nicole was still in pain. She remembered Dr. Robert Berry at SPORT Orthopedics & Physical Therapy who, 11 years earlier, had performed a scope on her right knee after she’d partially torn her meniscus playing high school soccer. “He’d done such a good job that it felt like I’d never injured it,” Nicole said. 

So, she made an appointment at SPORT where Dr. Berry ran some tests, confirmed her CECS diagnosis, and performed surgery on her legs. “Dr. Berry had me up walking on crutches, the day of surgery, and was with me every step of the way. Now, I’m back to running five miles a day and doing whatever exercises I want. I’m able to hike, bike, and play soccer again without feeling any pain — zero! I owe this happiness to Dr. Berry. He’s changed my life for the better, and I’m so thankful for everything he’s done for me.”


Another SPORT success story, Derek worried his football career was ended with an ACL and MCL injury in high school. But after Dr. Berry reconstructed both, he returned to high school football and finished strong, earning district honors. He then played Division I college football for Oklahoma State University. 

“We won the Big 12 championship and two bowl games, including the BCS Fiesta Bowl,” Derek said. “I want to thank Dr. Berry again for putting me back on the path to my dream and playing the game I love!”

The internet is brimming with testimonials from folks like these who were able to return to basketball, hockey, running, skateboarding, rugby, and other sports they love thanks to the SPORT doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, and staff. But just as passionate are the testimonials from grandparents who can play with their grandchildren again, gardeners who are gardening again, and “antiquers” happily wandering the aisles of their favorite antique stores because they got the help they needed when they needed it. 

Help When You Need It

The SPORT team cares for multimillion-dollar pro athletes, keeping them in the games they love. Want to know how differently they care for you and me? “We treat every patient exactly the same,” said SPORT Founding Physician Robert Berry. “If you’re a coach with an injured player, a parent with an injured child, or you’re the one who’s been sidelined, we offer orthopedic urgent care. If you’re injured today, we’ll see you today. And we give every patient — not just professional athletes — professional-level care.”

Rather than waiting in the ER to see someone who’s not an expert in orthopedic injuries or physical therapy, you can go straight to the experts. “We offer physical therapy in all of our locations and have the latest digital X-rays and diagnostics to get you an appropriate diagnosis today and start the healing immediately to get you back to your life.” 

One patient had this to say about her experience at the newest location in Prosper. “Best experience I’ve ever had with PT. This is the first one I’ve wanted to continue with. You get more individualized attention. Elizabeth really knows her stuff, and you can tell PT is her passion. I highly recommend this place.”


Looking back, John wishes he’d seen the SPORT team first. “I’m 62 and was forced to retire from training horses after 30 years due to injuries,” he said. “I was in severe pain when sitting and needed a cane to walk more than 50 feet due to slippage of my knee joints. I tried Acuscope, Myoscope, wraps, braces, laser treatments, and pain medication.”

John made an appointment with Dr. Berry. “I came to his office looking at total knee replacements, but he suggested arthroscopic surgery to repair ligaments, cartilage, and tears in the structure of my knees, then shots to replenish fluids in the joint,” John said. “He did the surgeries, and I began weekly shots. His procedures worked! Today, I don’t use a cane and I’m active. In those 30 years of horses and motorcycles, I’ve had 53 broken bones, so to be active today is truly a blessing.” John reports he’s chasing his grandchildren around now and feeling grateful for every pain-free step. 

Bringing Out the Athlete in You

“Just because you’re not an ‘athlete’ doesn’t mean you don’t want to live a full, happy, pain-free life,” Dr. Berry said. “What matters to us is what matters to you. We see high-school athletes who are looking at missing a college scholarship because of an injury, and we see grandparents who can’t go on vacation with their families because they’re in too much pain. What’s your pain keeping you from doing? We want to give you an appropriate diagnosis today and begin addressing that pain, so you can get back to doing the things that matter to you.” 

Find out more and meet the SPORT team at SportsMedTexas.com.

Texas Youth Sports Medicine Foundation is a nonprofit that exists to level the medical “playing field” for economically disadvantaged high-school athletes by ensuring they have access to the same level of medical care, expertise, and treatment for their sports-related injuries as is the accepted medical standard, regardless of ability to pay, so they may achieve their ultimate potential in athletics — and in life. 

“We want to come alongside athletes and their families and offer them the same care we offer elite professional athletes,” said Founder Dr. Robert Berry. “Good care shouldn’t be out of reach for any athlete due to finances.”

Find out more at SportsMedFoundation.org.


18152 Preston Road, Suite I-2
Dallas, Texas 75252

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(469) 200-2832

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