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Meredith Knight
Photos by Dallas McNeal

I haven’t double-checked this with
my dog yet, but I’m willing to bet 2020 was dogkind’s favorite
All those days spent with their families at home. All that
endless companionship. Just being together right where we wanted to be. Then,
the pandemic ended, families returned to work and school, and precious pups
were once again left waiting for everyone to return home. 

Here’s some good news for dogs in the Greater
Richardson area. Even if your family has to dash off to work and school
again, it doesn’t mean there won’t be someone there to spend time with you,
to feed you and pet you, to play with you and scratch that special

Dogtopia of The Shire at CityLine is the home
away from home you and your dog have been waiting for. A one-stop shop
offering daycare, grooming, spa, and overnight boarding services, their
mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and
have fun when you can’t be together. Certified “canine coaches” are trained
to manage and educate dogs of all breeds. Pet parents get periodic report
cards to keep you informed of your dog’s behavior, their new BFFFs (Best
Furry Friends Forever), and tips on how to implement the positive educational
methods at home. 

“We understand your dog is a member of the
family,” said Co-Owner/Operator Ron Blake. “You want to provide your dog with
safe socialization, so they can meet and play with like-minded pals, exercise
to keep them healthy and extend their lives, and education to help ensure
they’re well-behaved at home and out in public. Dog Daycare should be a place
where your dog feels safe and loved while learning valuable socialization
skills. Dogtopia is designed with these needs in mind.”

“Your dog’s safety is our top priority,” said
Co-Owner/Operator Edgar Camposeco. “Our team’s training is certified by two
nationally recognized associations in canine behavior. Our modern, open-play
playrooms are supervised by these dedicated and certified Canine Coaches who
love dogs. Your dog will be in very capable hands during their time with us.
They’ll be in a playroom with dogs of similar size, temperament, and play
style, who are fully vaccinated and have passed our Dogtopia

A Full Day
of Fun

Dogtopia recognizes that each dog is unique,
and they take the time to find the daycare, boarding, and spa package that
best meets your pup’s needs. Your dog’s day at Dogtopia will look something
like this. From morning until noon, they’re invited to play either indoors
where there’s 4,000 square feet of playroom area, including specialized
flooring and play equipment, with special diets and medications accommodated
or a 2,700-square-foot outdoor play area complete with pet-safe turf. Lunch
is followed by a two-hour nap. Then, it’s back to playing with their friends,
until you pick them up at night. 

All playrooms are equipped with webcams which
allow pet parents to log onto the Dogtopia app online or via their
smartphones and watch their dog play throughout the day. The playrooms are
temperature controlled with a sophisticated HVAC system that bring fresh air
in from the outside but filters out pathogens and specialized UV lighting
that helps kill airborne bacteria. All playrooms are cleaned and sanitized
multiple times a day with a biologically safe, pet-friendly cleaner. Walking
into the building, you smell a clean, fresh scent, not “pet odor” and you and
your dog is met with smiling faces and certified canine coaches who know your
dog, know what they like, and are happy to see them each morning. Dogtopia of
The Shire at CityLine’s hours are from 7AM to 7PM with extended hours on
request for first responders. 


There are times when taking your dog with you
on a trip isn’t possible or isn’t the best fit for your pup. Or perhaps you
just need your dog out of the house overnight? Dogtopia of The Shire at
CityLine offers boarding for one night or an extended period of time. While
you’re gone, your dog will enjoy a staycation with fun-filled days of play
and exercise in the daycare in an open-play, off-leash environment. They’ll
also have optional access to spa services. Feel free to bring along a
familiar blanket or pillow from home and to stop in before his stay for a
Meet & Greet with the staff. 


Dogtopia of The Shire at CityLine’s fully
equipped and stylish spa will have your dog feeling squeaky clean, smelling
fresh, and looking like a million bones. Their highly trained spa team lives
to pamper your pup and provide a relaxing environment where the staff uses
only high-quality products that are safe for your pup’s skin and coat. (See
side bar for list of spa services.) And just let the staff know if you’d like
to schedule some spa services for your dog, during their normal daycare time.
You’ll pick them up all fresh and feeling great. 

Fetching it

The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to
positively change the world. To accomplish this, Dogtopia currently funds
programs focused around three worthy causes: Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth
Literacy Programs, and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism.
Dogtopia of the Shire at Cityline partners with local restaurants such as
Cane’s to hold special sales events with a percent of all money raised going
to these worthy causes. Together we can fetch it forward and enable dogs to
positively change the world. 

The new
Richardson Dogtopia is conveniently located in the Shire Shopping Center on
the corner of Jupiter and George Bush Turnpike, a block off the freeway,
close to Cityline and Renner. Visit Dogtopia.com/Richardson-theShire-Cityline
for a virtual tour of your dog’s new favorite home away from

Baths are
just one of the spa services offered at Dogtopia of The Shire at CityLine.
They also offer:


  • Shampoo and

  • Bath time

  • Fluff dry and brush

  • Nail

  • Ear

  • Teeth


2121 Infocom
Drive | Richardson, Texas 75082

(469) 202-0787
| Dogtopia.com/Richardson-theShire-Cityline

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