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Kelli Vickrey, MS, APRN FNP-C
By Danielle Van Beest

Women in DFW have found a haven for their beauty, health, and confidence at Living Magazine’s 2023 Best Of Winner for Spa – Botox – IV Fusion Therapy: R&R Wellness + Aesthetics. Owner Kelli Vickrey MS, APRN FNP-C has made it her life’s passion to pair integrative and functional health with long-lasting beauty services that work to make every client feel beautiful and healthy, inside and out.

Those who flock to her practice for the extremely popular Hydrafacials (which clients claim makes their skin radiant and smooth as silk) and expertise in Jeuveau, Xeomin and Dysport (goodbye wrinkles and fine lines) – stay for Vickrey’s unparalleled knowledge in anti-aging and preventative health options. Every time I’ve walked through R+R’s doors, I pass women on their way out into the world with a glow and an undeniable pep in their step. “I’ve made it a passion and goal to have R&R be a destination for health, rejuvenation, and beauty for all women. Here, women get beauty services that are going to give them that gorgeous look that makes people think: ‘Wow, she looks amazing!’ never ‘I wonder what she had done.’ Beauty and confidence start here.”

In 2023, women are going beyond their annual doctor’s visits to focusing on their overall health and longevity. Vickrey’s integrative approach offers options that are expertly tailored to every client’s wants and needs. The results can be seen in Vickrey herself, “I actually have MS and have suffered from migraines for a long time. Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t have a lot to offer for conditions like that. That model of care often is unable to identify why they even occur and there are not great treatment options available. I know that I’ve seen the biggest benefits for my own health concerns through more functional approaches. I’m excited to bring more of that to our area.”

Vickrey’s practice is also known for her bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and medical weight loss solutions. Using her health approaches, Vickrey found relief from her chronic condition AND lost 135 lbs. For those who find weight loss and energy to be a constant struggle, Vickrey works with each client to find what works best for them to achieve their goals and maintain them. “We have several different approaches that we tailor to each client of course, but the biggest piece for me is supporting the mental aspect. We want the loss to be achieved in a healthy way and to be sustainable.” Vickrey’s BHRT keeps clients’ hormones in check, leading to more energy, fewer menopause symptoms, improvements in sexual health, better sleep, and stronger nails and hair. “Our practice gives clients the opportunity to turn back the clock and rejuvenate the whole person. We’re thankful to be voted Best Of in 2023 and it’s our mission to continue that success and admiration for years to come!”

Check out R&R Wellness + Aesthetics’ website to learn more about everything they offer, including Hydrafacials, Jeuveau, Xeomin and Dysport, micro-needling, teeth whitening, permanent makeup, integrative health services, Ozone and UV therapy, IV services, and more.


6440 Rendon Bloodworth Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76140