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okay to admit that, from time to time, you may need help with your emotional,
psychological, and social well-being.
Mental health continues
to be a hot-button topic no matter what stage of life we’re in, and the
comforting news is that no matter where you turn in North Texas, you and your
loved ones are supported by a seemingly limitless list of mental health
service providers. But when it comes to finding fast and responsive
continuity of care — all under one roof — perhaps no one does it better than
Connections Wellness Group.

with one location in Denton in 2018, Connections Wellness Group now has 12
serving the mental health needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. This
includes a facility in Prosper, where they specialize in virtual and
in-person care for issues ranging from psychiatry and medication management
to group and individual therapy, and more.

The idea is
that with one phone call, a patient has access to comprehensive mental health
services for depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, substance abuse,
marital issues, and anything that impacts how they think, feel, and act when
they need it most.

“You have
hospitals that do in-patient and maybe outpatient programs but don’t have
individual therapy. Or, you have some that just do therapy. The goal is to
make it easier.

for people
to access all mental health services in one location,” said Amanda Manchack,
the executive director of the Connections Wellness Group location in Prosper.
“Whether it’s seeing a therapist once a month, a psychiatrist once every
three months, or doing group therapy every day, that’s our focus. You stay
with us throughout the continuity of care rather than us sending you out into
the community to find another location and

Health Support Is Vital

When you get
the help you need to improve your mental health, you can see the benefits in
all areas of your life. Sadly, statistics consistently show that Texas has
been hit hard by a spike in mental health concerns for adults and children.
At least one study conducted by United Way of Denton found that of the nearly
700 surveyed residents in Prosper, 114 live with mental illness. While
one-sixth of the town’s population may not sound like much, it is clear that
an accessible mental health clinic can significantly improve community mental
health and well-being.

That’s where
Connections Wellness Group is changing the mental health care wheel for the
better. Once someone is willing to ask for help, they should never be turned
away due to long wait lists, prohibitive costs, or services that don’t meet
their needs. Connections bucks these trends through its partial
hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient services (IOP).

If someone
is struggling and can’t wait two weeks or a month to see a psychiatrist, they
can receive immediate placement in group therapy for up to five days a week.
This gives them access to someone now for medication management and to talk
about how they are feeling and what they’re going through until routine
individual therapy can be established.

“Many people
call and just want to talk to someone. But if this is their first go-round
with therapy or psychiatry, and they’re not on medication, we don’t want them
to wait,” Manchack said. “I’ve seen so many people benefit from group therapy
because instead of jumping right into individual therapy, they can spend the
first few days listening to others and where they are in their journey. They
know they’re not alone. Think of PHP and IOP as training wheels for how
someone can prepare for individual therapy and medication management. It
gives them a strong foundation for understanding what’s going on in their
mind and what they need the most.”

added, “I’ve been in the mental health field for 11 years, and I’ve seen a
difference in society and when people are willing to ask for help. They
aren’t waiting for a crisis. They’re calling to see someone as soon as

Settings Reach Even More People

benefit to Connections Wellness is its robust virtual mental health services.
Rather than having to contend with work schedules, kids, and transportation
issues, patients can log in for mental health service appointments from the
comfort of their own homes. These highly qualified clinicians prioritize
accessibility for every person needing treatment for their unique needs.
Connections Wellness works closely with patients to ensure that programming
offers the necessary support to improve their mental health.

“We see it
more with the older, working population where they are struggling and
desperately need to talk to someone, but they can’t always get out of work in
the middle of the day and visit a facility for several hours,” Manchack said.
“The virtual settings have been great in that regard — it provides more
options to access the care they need right now.”

lasting improvements in a person’s mental health often requires the
assistance of trained professionals. If you or a family member is struggling
with mental health, don’t wait to ask for help.

“We want to
meet the needs of our community quicker and with greater continuity of care,”
Manchack said. “We have great people doing great things in this community
when it comes to fighting mental health, but no one has figured out as well
as Connections Wellness has how to do it all in one location. It’s great
knowing we’ve carved out that unique niche.”

Wellness supports these mental health concerns:

  • Suicidal
    thoughts and behaviors
  • High-functioning
  • High-functioning
  • Secondary
    substance use disorders
  • Dual

Available services

  • Psychiatric care
  • Medication
  • Acute
    mental health care
  • Individual
  • Couples
    and family counseling
  • Play


130 S.
Preston Road, Suite 30

Prosper, Texas 75078



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