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In ancient times, a knight stood as a stalwart guardian, shielding others from harm. Today, the legacy lives on as the attorneys and staff at McCraw Law Group adopt a similar ethos, positioning themselves as shields for their clients in the face of formidable entities and corporations.

“Nobody wants to need a personal injury attorney,” said Founding Attorney John L. (Lin) McCraw. “Ninety percent of our clients have never been involved in a lawsuit before. But someone has put them in a position where their lives have been turned upside down. They can’t work. They’re in constant pain. Medical bills are mounting. They’re in some of the hardest times of their lives, and they don’t know who to trust. We’re there to defend them and help them get their lives back on track.”

McCraw Law Group embodies the support and protection needed by people facing tough challenges. Caregivers understand how crucial this steadfast support is as they navigate the complexities of caring for their injured loved ones. The team at McCraw Law Group acts as a guiding light, providing hope, comfort, and strength to those in need.

In their pursuit of justice for injured Texans, McCraw Law Group’s approach is unique. Their focus on collaboration and specialization in personal injury law sets them apart in the legal landscape. Unlike typical law firms, their mission goes beyond courtroom excellence to emphasize client service and a sincere commitment to their client’s well-being.

Their mission: The McCraw Law Group is dedicated to transforming the practice of personal injury law, creating an environment where the brightest minds can thrive, consistently delivering results infused with integrity and excellence. Their true calling lies in compassionately solving their clients’ most pressing problems and serving as guardians of their community, protecting their world from harm.

What truly defines them is their commitment to continuous improvement. “We’ve put in the effort to assemble an outstanding team in every role. When everyone performs their tasks at a high level, we consistently deliver excellent results to our clients,” Lin said. They recognize the need for a deeper understanding of personal injury law and the challenges their clients face, acknowledging the fear and uncertainty experienced by injured individuals. They strive to ensure their entire team comprehends the delicate and unique nature of the process. At their core are values that guide them to consistently prioritize doing what’s right. Their holistic approach is centered on getting great results while making the legal process as trauma-free as possible for clients and their loved ones.

“In the heart of our firm’s mission is a deep sense of compassion and a commitment to improving the lives of our clients,” said Charlie Ginn, partner and director of legal operations. “We all understand the human desire for freedom and flexibility. When experiencing pain and immobility, we lose our independence. We do everything within our power to facilitate our clients’ journey to recovery and to hold insurance companies accountable. Our clients should never have to wage battles against insurance giants whose primary goal is not to part with their money. Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of, and it’s our duty to shield our clients from such situations.”

At the core of McCraw Law Group’s philosophy lies a code rooted in Christian principles: “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” These principles shape their commitment to honesty and integrity, inspiring their firm to advocate for their clients’ well-being.

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Meet Lin McCraw

Lin, a proud Collin County native, boasts over three decades of experience; for 17 years, as a board certified trial lawyer specializing in personal-injury trial law. His extensive training, ability to connect with jurors, and strong negotiation skills consistently yield highly favorable outcomes for his clients. Lin takes deep pride in his strong roots within Collin County, stemming from a lineage that includes a father who served as a Collin County judge and a great-grandfather who was a beloved local doctor. Reflecting on his upbringing, Lin maintains, “I was reared to believe we’re put on this earth to help others. Our whole purpose is to assist those who are less fortunate. I’ve been blessed to make a great living while doing just that.”

Beyond his legal practice, Lin has taken on leadership roles, having served as both president and in several different vice presidencies of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. He remains a dedicated advocate in the courthouse and statehouse, where he passionately represents the interests of consumers, the injured, and those who may lack a strong voice. Lin firmly believes that experienced lawyers have a responsibility to mentor and train the next generation, ensuring they provide effective assistance to their clients while maintaining their own well-being. A frequent lecturer on advocacy, Lin actively mentors young lawyers, working diligently to infuse the legal profession with a sense of justice tempered with mercy. In addition to his legal work, Lin has served in different roles at his church and remains a dedicated supporter of various community charities including Direction 61:3, a network providing invaluable support to youth transitioning out of the foster-care system.

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Meet Charlie Ginn

Charlie Ginn is a dedicated trial lawyer driven by a profound belief in providing hope for those who need it the most. He sees himself as the equalizer, standing strong for the powerless. His greatest satisfaction comes from advocating for those who’ve been marginalized or treated unjustly. Early in his career, Charlie honed his trial skills while serving as an assistant district attorney in Collin County. This role allowed him to transition seamlessly from safeguarding the public from criminal activities to championing the rights of the injured.

He understands the challenges his clients face, and his belief in the importance of strong relationships doesn’t end with a phone call or meeting. He’s committed to fighting for his clients every step of the way. Charlie’s passion lies in building relationships founded on trust and open communication. He believes in the value of service and extends his commitment to leadership roles in organizations, including serving as a past chair of the board for the State Bar of Texas and multiple vice president positions in the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

McCraw Law Group has offices in McKinney, Denton, Wylie, and Frisco. Find out more at McCrawLawGroup.com.


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