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Janine Hopkins, MD, FAAD is a board certified
dermatologist with 27 years of experience. In May 2021, she opened her second
location in the Southlake area, offering advanced, non-surgical, pain-free
treatment for skin cancer, known as image-guided radiation therapy. This
therapy has a 99.3% cure rate for the two most common skin cancers – basal
cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Every year, millions of people are diagnosed
with skin cancer. Treatment is most effective with early detection, and while
most patients with skin cancer are only given the option of surgery, Dr.
Hopkins gives her patients all the treatment options available. With
technologies such as IG-SRT GentleCure, skin cancer treatments can even be
non-surgical. Dr. Janine Hopkins offers skin cancer treatments for both men
and women in Southlake, Texas, and surrounding areas.

What is
IG-SRT GentleCure?

The SRT-100 Vision™ is a device
that is revolutionizing the way skin cancer is treated. This device allows
Dr. Hopkins to treat skin cancer non-surgically. Dr. Hopkins can destroy
basal-cell carcinoma and squamous-cell carcinoma cells, allowing healthy skin
to heal pain-free without cutting, stitching, or anesthesia, and with minimal
risk of infection or scarring. Only about 1% of the nation’s dermatology
practices use this life-changing technology. Instead of scalpels and
stitches, the SRT-100 Vision™ uses high-frequency ultrasound
imaging to deliver precise, relatively painless calibrated doses of
superficial radiation therapy to the affected area and, in most cases,
prevents the patients from undergoing Mohs surgery.

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“Dr. Hopkins
and staff, I greatly appreciate the care from everyone in the Southlake
office these past few weeks. Every person made me feel at ease going through
the IG-SRT treatment process. From Brianna’s sweet smile every time I walked
in the front door, to the genuine compassion of the entire office staff. To
Nicki, who was so reassuring at every session and never said anything about
my crazy hair after shoulder surgery. I truly enjoyed our daily
conversations. To Dr. Hopkins, I am thankful for your expertise and
appreciate your sweet demeanor and thorough patient care.

Thank you for all your kindness!”

– Kim

“Over the
last 12 years, I’ve endured six surgeries and two rounds of chemo to treat
skin cancer on my nose. All to no avail. The cancer returned with a vengeance
– blistering my nose. About ready to cave to the inevitable, I came across an
article specific to IG-SRT therapy for skin cancer. Research landed me at
Hopkins Dermatology because they offered this therapy. I can’t rave enough
about my experience with Dr. Hopkins and her staff. Dr. Hopkins and Nicki
were great at explaining the IG-SRT procedure and managed my expectations in
terms of results. The before-and-after pictures speak volumes about the
efficacy of this therapy. I love that Dr. Hopkins is up to date on the latest
techniques and technology and is often involved in (if not the creator of)
innovations within the field of dermatology.
Thank you!”

– Scott

Visit HopkinsDermatology.com
to learn more and book an appointment.


321 West
Southlake Boulevard, Suite 180 | Southlake,
Texas 76092

(682) 271-0988




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